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IWF - Saturday 29th October - Longbenton, Newcastle


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Not taking a dig here, but have IWF ran in any venues bigger than a social club?


I remember they ran one a few years ago at Northumbria University with the Road Dogg, Spike Dudley and D'Lo Brown advertised (I think only Road Dogg turned up). But I think they do and have mostly done social clubs. Oh, and community centres and church halls too. Seems to have worked for them for the last 11 years though, I suppose it falls into the playing it safe category.

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Due to reasons required to be undisclosed at this time, both Jordan and Joey Wright have been released from IWF.



While this throws the vacant IWF UK Championship picture in question we can confirm this situation will be addressed October 29th at the show.


Also, due to a slight booking issue the Tag Team Championship match will now see 'The Best Around' (Max Heat & Lucas Marvel) take on the newly formed tag team of 'Los Aviadores' (El Valiente & Prodigio).

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The IWF will be on AlterNation on NE1fm tonight, ahead of this show on Saturday.


AlterNation features guests from a wide range of music and sports and plays unsigned bands and great alternative music.


www.ne1fm.net from 7pm


e-mail your questions via the website

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Show opened with TY announcing his retirement due to reasons far beyond his control. He gave an exact reason however I feel that IWF or TY himself would be able to explain it better. Entire IWF roster came out and gave him a standing ovation for everything he's done for the company.


Adam Christ beat Martin Kirby in a pretty great match. Crowd seemed bummed out over what happened with TY, but this seemed to win them back in a big way.


Stevie Lafferty came out and announced he had a pretty serious knee injury, but said he'll be back in, hopefully no time. Mark Anthony came out and gave him a jacknife powerbomb for seemingly no reason.


Marcus Starr managed to beat Vulture. Vulture was in control for a good ninety percent of the match, Marcus was hilarious.


Kitty Morgan beat Jed Masters and Hot Ed of the Hall of Fame. It was, er, lots of things happening, hard to keep up, but I'll try and sum it all up. Brett Eagle turned on Kitty and left her, making it a handicap match, lots of big moves happened everywhere, ref got knocked out, the person who attacked Kitty last month ran in and gave her another chokebreaker, but Kitty somehow pinned Jed at the very end of it all. Oh, and there was a fan run in and attack on Jed. Jed pretty much put him in his place. The fan then threw his beer at Jed and Ed before getting kicked out completely. Fan later got arrested because he apparently got into fights outside as well. Pretty crazy stuff all in all.


The Best Around successfully defended the belts over Los Aviadores. Really good match. Also, Max Heat is one of the greatest wrestlers in the UK at the moment. Before the match, Best Around cut a promo about how they were conspiracy victims because AlterNation Radio refused to play Elton John. Bloody Sex Pistols got played but not Elton? Blasphemy.


Fracture The Clown managed to beat Cabbie Klowaski in a surprisingly awesome match. Crowd wasn't sure of it at first, but they got won around when these two were busting out all kinds of cool stuff.


Big Kris came out and announced that since everybody appears to be scared of him lately, he's putting a bounty on his own head (not the chocolate bar, apparently it's for

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It's not me and I've sent you a message regarding it, however I do find it funny, ironic and hypocritical that the accusation and/or speculation breaks your own rules:

"You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use UKFF to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, unneccessarily vulgar, hateful, discriminatory, harassing, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law."

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