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flac music files

Egg Shen

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anyone download flac. or lossless music files. They seems to slowly be pushing Mp3's out on the torrent sites and stuff. I've noticed that the flac. files come us one file as opposed to seperate songs.


Anyone use these things? Do they work on ipod/ps3 or anything like that?


oh and is the quality that good?

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Flac is a mixed bag. It's a lossless compression format, which means that in theory it unpacks the same quality as the original .wav. However, it generally isn't a format supported by mp3 players/iTunes, so you end up having to convert them anyway to listen to them.


It's not as efficient as mp3 either, which seems to compress to, say, 15% of the original size where FLAC compresses to about 50%.


It's good for transferring sound effects/mixes/stems, basically for sound engineers, but not really that good for the average punter. If you want to move on from mp3, I suggest Ogg Vorbis, which is a lossy compression format but really good quality and even smaller than mp3. Or Apple's AAC format is pretty good too.

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