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ICW: Fear & Loathing 4 - Taped for TV


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BT Gunn vs. James Scott is a match which has been coming for over a year now. Not QUITE the biggest match to happen in ICW yet. That was the eight man from the Classic Grand. Definately one of them though. Can't wait to see what happens. The atmosphere is bound to be nuclear for it, especially after the last show.


It's going to be hard for Liam Thomson vs. Andy Wild to top what they have done before. Only one of the four matches hasn't quite met expectations and for a best of five series, that's pretty good going when you consider they've managed to add wee twists to things to keep it fresh. They're going to TRY and top the rest I'd assume.


There's an aura about a deathmatch between Kaylee Ray and Carmel. When they said a stipulation, I thought they meant tables or something. I had no idea they'd go for the ultimate gimmick match in ICW. The strange thing is that they're probably gonna be just as vicious as Jester and Shamer were last summer. It's going to be a surreal match to watch, that's for sure.


Noam Dar vs. Lionheart was good when one of them was on one leg, so you can only assume that with a fully fit Lionheart, this one is going to be magnificent.


I'm kinda rooting for Mark Andrews vs. Johnny Starr. Mikey Whiplash? I dunno who I'd have him against. I'd have loved to have seen him face either Liam Thomson or Noam Dar, but they've both got matches. I'm sure they have something in mind though.

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