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Training around Manchester


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sorry to create a new thread, I was looking for the old one, but it must have got deleted...


Anyway, so as I mentioned in my last thread I am moving to England, and now more specifically Manchester in a few weeks, scary and exciting times. Once I get settled and start my job I'm looking to start up wrestling training just to see as its always been something I wanted to try and see what happens.


so, fellow UKFF'ers, could you tell me the promotions in and around Manchester give or take an hour or twos drive that offer training? I can see FutureShock Wrestling, but are there are others you'd reccomend? I'd wanna travel around and sample all the schools and take in every bit of information given to me rather than just going to one school. I reckon I'll be off most weekends so I definately don't mind going further down the country (or up) to see if its a good school. Got a really good response last time and hope to get the same again.


So thanks in advance guys :thumbsup:

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