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The 2011 UKFF UK50

Big Benny HG

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In case you haven't noticed, it's July. So.....


Seventh Annual UKFF UK50




What is the UKFF UK50?

The UKFF UK50 is the yearly attempt to rank the top 50 wrestlers from the UK wrestling circuit, compiled by the members of the UK's biggest and most active pro wrestling messageboard, the UK Fan Forum. UKFFers come together to debate, discuss, nominate, vote and ultimately rank the best in the British wrestling scene. Previous winners have been Doug Williams (2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008), Bubblegum (2009) and Martin Stone (2010). Last year's project included the contributions of over 100 individual forum members.


How does it work?

Every year we compile the list via a number of stages. First, UKFFers nominate who they believe is worthy of a place somewhere in that year's top 50. Then, once we have a list of 50 names, we begin to rank them into an order of merit by way of votes. The final ranked list is then revealed. All the way through, UKFFers are encouraged to discuss, debate and justify their selections, sharing reasons why they believe their decisions to be correct, sharing clips from matches, suggesting particular matches that they believe back up their selections and so forth.


Upon what criteria are the rankings based?

All the way through the process, nominations and votes should be made based on British wrestlers' in-ring performances you have seen on shows that took place between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2011. The key points around which the rankings, nominations and votes are based include:

- whose in-ring performances are the most gripping, convincing and enthralling?

- who is consistently involved in great matches?

- who is able to tell the best "story" through their performance?

- whose performance is able to capture the crowd's interest and make them emotionally invested in the match?

- who actually makes pro wrestling enjoyable to watch with their performances?


Who is eligible to be included in the UKFF UK50?

To be eligible for inclusion, a wrestler must:

- be British or Irish

- have the majority of their appearances on UK shows, for UK promotions, in the UK wrestling scene.

Wrestlers can be either male or female.


Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Mason Ryan, Douglas Williams, Desmond Wolfe, Brutus Magnus, Wade Barrett, Rob Terry, Fit Finley and suchlike are NOT ELIGIBLE. They are all now full-time contracted roster members for overseas-based promotions and the majority of their work is for those promotions in the US. Similarly, Prince Devitt and Pac are also NOT ELIGIBLE. Again, the majority of their appearances are overseas for overseas promotions.


Some of these people do indeed make appearances on UK shows between their overseas bookings (e.g. Pac, Williams, Magnus). However, when they do so, they are treated more as special attraction imports. Basically, if someone is not a "full time" member of the British wrestling circuit, they do not qualify. The UKFF UK50 is, as it always has been over the past 7 years, purely about British wrestling and the British wrestling scene.


There's probably others I've forgotten to specifically mention above, but the same rules apply and it should be simple enough for you to determine whether someone is or isn't eligible under this criteria.


Who is allowed to take part?

Anyone who has a UKFF account. Obviously, you must have actually seen the wrestlers you are nominating/voting for in a British match within the eligible period (e.g. live show, full matches on the internet, TV, DVD, etc).


Is there going to be another SHIT LIST this year? That was fun.

Possibly. It provided many people a good laugh, despite almost landing me in bother with THE POLICE. I am not making this up. The general consensus of opinion, however, was that any SHIT LIST this time should be kept completely separate from the main UKFF UK50 in terms of both timing and presentation in order not to detract from the main project. I'll think about it and get back to you once this is finished.


With that out of the way, it's on to:




2011 UKFF UK50 - Stage One (Nominations)


As always, Stage One is the nomination stage. UKFFers nominate British wrestlers they feel deserve a place, any place, somewhere in the list. The 50 with the most nominations make it in, the rest don't.


As always, to take part in this Stage I need you to:


1) Send a PM to myself on the UKFF. E-mails/Facebook messages/etc will not be accepted. This is to prove that you are a UKFF member. This is a UKFF project, after all. Feel free to share your nominations in this thread if you so desire, for the purposes of generating discussion/debate, but I will only count lists that I receive in my PM Inbox.


2) Within the PM, please nominate up to 15 wrestlers that you feel, based on the criteria described above and matches that you have actually seen, deserve a place, any place, somewhere in this year's UKFF UK50. All names are a single nomination, carrying equal value, so there is no need to rank your list of nominations in order of merit (i.e. the name at the top of your nominations will be treated equally with the name at the bottom of your list). You can nominate less than 15 if you like, but definitely no more. If possible, please also include your reasons for nominating these wrestlers for a place. This could be just a sentence to justify their selection or point out particular matches, promotions or shows upon which you have based your decision. As with previous years, I'll be using some of these comments in the eventual write-ups.


3) Make sure you get your PM in to me by 23:59 on Friday 22nd July 2011. Any received after this deadline will not be considered.


Anyone suspected of using dual accounts or other unfair methods to weight the list or make mockery of the spirit of the project may be excluded at my discretion.


The 50 wrestlers with the most nominations after the deadline will make it into the 2011 UKFF UK50. The rest will not. If there are a tied number of nominations for the last few places in the 50 (there always is every year), we will have a mini-stage to determine which of them make it in.


Please feel free to now use this thread to discuss and debate who is worthy of nominations this year. Campaign for your choices. Try to convince others that you are correct. Provide evidence as to why you believe you are right.


So, finally (at last), to summarise what I need you to do:

- Send me a PM

- 15 Nominations

- By 23:59 on Friday 22 July 2011


Thanks in advance for your continued participation. I'll be popping back in with some facts etc regarding previous years' projects and reminders of what we had last time. Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have, either in this thread or by PM.


Let's do it again!!

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For those interested:


The 2005 UKFF UK50 threads have now been deleted and so can no longer be viewed. I'll post the full result list a little later on.


The 2006 and 2007 2007 results threads were moved into the UKFF Gold forum and are still available for your nostalgic viewing pleasure.


The 2008 and 2009 threads were not moved into Gold, and so they have also unfortunately also expired. Again, I'll post the lists.


The 2010 threads, including 2010 SHIT LIST, have also not been moved into Gold, but are still available for the time being. Quick! Before they disappear!

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I'd already decided my top 10 and wrote my list out at the end of May..... :(


But it has been an absolutely fantastic year for BritWres with some guys finally getting the recognition and exposure they deserve, and some real break outs.


It's a shame that me being so selective with the shows I attended over the past year there were a couple of guys who scored highly in my list last year that I haven't seen at all over this past year.

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It's a shame that me being so selective with the shows I attended over the past year there were a couple of guys who scored highly in my list last year that I haven't seen at all over this past year.


Same here. Johnny Moss is my main one, who was my No.3, having not seen hide nor hair of him round our way in the last year. That's mainly to do with the lack of him on FWA shows and well the lack of FWA at all :laugh: as that was the only place (and 1pw but lets not go there, literally and discussion wise) I ever really saw him


Should be able to get a list together though hopefully, despite not going to as many shows.

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RJ Singh


Dave Mastiff

Sha Samuels



Mad Man Manson

JD Knight

Joel Redman

Mark Haskins

Zack Sabre Jr

Marty Scurll

James Mason

The Saint

Iestyn Rees




Max Angelus


Jason Larusso

Owen Phoenix



Dave Rayne



I'm sure I missed someone?





I will need to whittle this down....

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