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Describe your pro wrestling experience


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Just curious about how everyone experiences pro wrestling in their daily lives. Do you really watch it like a movie is on or just scroll around the net on youtube? Do you watch it alone or with friends, etc..


For example, my situation is:


Laying back on the couch, while watching wrestling.

I got a big plasma TV in the livingroom with Dolby Surround. Usually with some chips, cola or beer.

Once a month I'll invite some friends over to watch a random ROH/TNA/WWE PPV and we have a blast.


It didn't always was like this.

For years I would just watch clips of matches behind my computer when I still lived w/my parents.

I would even download shows to my PSP and watch them while taking the bus to college/work.


That truly is a whole different experience.

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These days I watch it alone, usually once the missus and kid and have gone to bed Ill stay up for an hour or two, thats only 2-3 nights a week though. My son doesnt like wrestling, big into his footy which is great as we spend a lot of time watching and playing that together.


Wrestling is just my thing nowadays, although I miss talking to my mates about it, I do enjoy just having the time to myself away from everything else.


Used to go round to friends houses and we'd watch Raw, Impact (Nitro back in the day) and PPVs. Everyone I know who watched Wrestling no longer do, most watch UFC which I cant really get into, others have just grown up I suppose and live boring lives.

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I watch wrestling alone, downloaded onto my laptop when I have a day off from hanging out with people, I light up a joint, watch wrestling and relax. I used to watch RAW, Smackdown and Impact every week along with all the PPVs, I had Sky Sports and I downloaded PPVs. My dad or brother would watch too if they were around. I moved abroad this year though and now I'm really busy and don't own a TV, I try to download all the WWE PPVS and I'll watch the RAW before or after a PPV sometimes, I haven't got round to watching Capitol Punishment yet, I watched Slammiversary and loved it but before that I hadn't watched TNA this year.

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