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Major AAA Promotion Triplemania Spoiler


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As seen on http://www.impactwrestling.com


On Saturday night in Mexico City, Jeff Jarrett made history by becoming the Heavyweight Champion of Mexico at TripleMania! Jarrett (cheered on by his wife Karen) defeated El Zorro to win the prestigious title. Jarrett's win was a major shock to the fans in attendance - and chaos erupted after he was declared the new champion! The TripleMania event also featured Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam, Abyss, Velvet Sky, Mickie James and Angelina Love all in action! Check back to IMPACTWRESTLING.com this week for updates.
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That is utterly brilliant.


I never imagined that good ol Double J would be one of my favourite things in wrestling. I was half expecting video diary style footage of Jeff in Mexico, possible having been kidnapped, but this sounds even better.


King Of The Mexican Mountain, The Ultra-Male, Jeff Jarrett.

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First person to present me with a picture of the King of the Mountain with the striz-ap wins a lucky bag. Great news for Jeff. I'm actually going to download all his shit from Mexico now he's over there. He's been on of the best in the business since October.





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Full results, including details of the other TNA involvement:


AAA 6/18 - Palacio de los Deportes de Mexico City (Triplemania XIX = almost a capacity house and a 4 hour show)

1. Aero Star/Argos/Fenix/Sugi San beat Dark Dragon/Decnis/Tito Santana/Tigre Cota


Konnan & Joaquin Roldan would come out and made an announcement that if anyone interfered in any matches on the show they would be suspended on the spot.


2. Angelina Love/Mickie James/Sexy Star/Velvet Sky defeated Fabi y Mari Apache/Lolita/Cinthia Moreno with Mickie kissing Fabi before hitting her DDT for the finish.


Octagon would get inducted into the AAA Hall of Fame next.


3. Tables/Ladders/Chairs Match: Electroshock (subbing for Nicho el Millionario)/Heavy Metal/Joe Lider beat La Maniarquia (Chessman/Silver Kain/Ultimo Gladiador) in a violent bloody match that included a CELLO being used. Nicho ran out to take Metal's place after he was stretchered out but he was stopped by Joaquin Roldan and subsequently suspended.


4. Los Bizarros (Billy el Malo/Charly Manson/Cibernetico/Escoria) defeated El Inframundo (Drago/Octagon/Ozz/La Parka Jr.) when Tabu showed up with Parka's son which has been the main focus of the Ciber/Parka feud and that distracted Parka allowing Ciber to chokeslam him for the win. Tabu then let the child go to his fallen father where he told him that Tabu was his uncle (he really is Parka's brother.) This also explains how Ciber got the X-rays of the kid's broken leg months ago which he used to taunt Parka.


5. Steel Cage Match por el AAA Tag Titles: Jack Evans & Extreme Tiger beat Abyss & Mr. Anderson to retain their titles when Jack powerbombed Abyss off the cage through thumbtacks then escaped.


6. AAA Trios Titles Tournament - Finals: Los Perros del Mal (Damian 666/Halloween/X-Fly) defeated The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) to win the titles when Halloween used a Death Valley Driver off the top rope on Psycho. Damian was powerbombed through an exploding board during the match also.


7. AAA Mega Heavyweight Title: Jeff Jarrett beat Zorro to win the title. Jarrett finished off Zorro with the kendo stick after using tortillas, powder from Karen Jarrett, and a guitar.


8. Caballera contra Mascara: L.A. Par-K defeated El Mesias in another match of the year candidate as they bled early then broke tables, used chairs, and just brawled all over ringside. Total war of atrition here and after a ref bump, Par-K used some knux to KO Mesias who was promptly shaved. Par-K had Pierroth (who wore his mask while in his wheelchair) & his son in his corner.


9. Decision Match por el AAA Latin American Title: Dr. Wagner Jr. beat Rob Van Dam to win the title. Wagner was in full Mexico gear here and had a mariachi performance before the match. This was good but it had no chance following up the previous match which was moved up to semi-main earlier in the day. During the press conference after the show they had Wagner & Jarrett tease a potential match.

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That is a snazzy belt.


I have no idea where this is going, but I love it.



Have you seen this weeks Impact?


Yeah I did, I really thought the Mexico thing wasn't serious, and just a reason for him to be off TV...


5. Steel Cage Match por el AAA Tag Titles: Jack Evans & Extreme Tiger beat Abyss & Mr. Anderson to retain their titles when Jack powerbombed Abyss off the cage through thumbtacks then escaped.



that, I gotta see...

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