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Backyard to Global challenge


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This thread is introducing a new aspect of the game. Instead of starting with the top companies, you can try to work your way up to the top. In this thread, It will keep track of your progress and Here are the rules.


-You must create your own Federation, make it a backyard federation. no public image and no advertising.


-You can't start with anybody on your roster


-No Arsenic


- At the end of each week, I ask that you post your current stats. This will be open to anyone


- you must start with no money


- use the current june 11 ewr update


- medium difficulty


To start, post your company name, and some beginning info. You can even post your own backstory if you would like.


Other than that, enjoy the competition, and I look forward to seeing how far you guys can come.

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the challenge will be to see how far we can all get with no money and an empty roster,

something i have never done if anyone has any other questions please ask me.


It's a long time since I played this game but isn't this almost impossible? You hemorrhage money like hell and can never spend enough on either decent wrestlers nor advertising to improve your standing. Good luck though!

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go to EWBattleground.com for games like this but if anything i'd say get TEW05 it's more life like as you book all aspects of the show from the opening, the dark matches before the shows, the interviews, promos, hype videos, backstage attacks, matches, etc. The hirings, firings, suspensions, links with other promotions, your values of production, etc.

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