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NGW 3rd Anniversary Show; Sat 11th June; STREET FIGHT!


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Sorry to double post, but for anyone Hull based I thought I'd mention the fact that the NGW crew at set up and preforming today in Queens Garden for The Lords Mayor Parade. They are there till 4pm.


Any results from this?


I am narked that it was literally across the road from where I work yet I couldn't see it due to, y'know, working. :(

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No actual results but NGW favourites performed in front of large crowds numerous times, this included the likes of:

Nathan Cruz

Sam Bailey

Colossus Kennedy

Jack Gallagher

Dara Diablo

Matt Myers

and many more!


A fun time was had by all!

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Los Amigo's opponents announced

Tag team tournament 1st round


Since the start of the year, the tournament to name the first ever NGW champions has progressed with so far Venum (Jack Gallagher & Scott Adams) & Predators (Paul Malen & Joseph Conners) have progressed to the semi finals.


As the 3rd Anniversary is a very special celebration, NGW have decided to hold not one but two tournament matches to complete the first round ahead of schedule.


Already announced is El Ligero & Dara Diablo teaming up for the very first time. We can reveal their opponents as hot favourites for the tournament - Bam Bam Barton & SC Supreme. Since their arrival in NGW early last year, they have made a massive impact with their smash mouth, no nonsense style.


Diablo is determined to prove to El Ligero what he can do but will the two be able to work together to overcome the two powerhouses.


MASSIVE first time ever tag match

Tag team tournament 1st round

Project Ego (Martin Kirby & Kris Travis) V Rockstar Spud & CJ Banks

Where-ever there is a rockstar a scene is generally made, and Spud is no different. In October last year Spud

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Too Quality Tag Matches signed there. I presume the Stixx vs Colossus and Avian vs Myers matches are also still going ahead after the teasers from the previous shows E.g contract signing etc.


They certainly will be, more details in due course

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Giants collide

Unbeaten V Unbeaten


Unfinisihed Business, Saturday 17th October, 2009. Nathan Cruz was just beginning to make his mark on British wrestling. That night saw, what many insiders say, a big factor implemented that has helped Cruz reach the level he has today.He debuted his bodyguard Colossus Kennedy. Colossus made a huge impact an decimated Cruz's long term rival Matt Myers. Since that night Colossus alongside his and Cruz's agent, Richie West, has gone through man after man. Not just one man at a time, two at a time, 3 in one night. Despite the numerous challengers in that 20 months Colossus has not even been knocked off his feet let alone beaten. Many would argue this is partly due to opponents being mainly hand picked by Richie West. It was fair to say that in the beginning of his NGW career his opponents mainly consisted of trainee's or recently graduated trainees. But since then the challenges have got stronger a list that includes the likes of Dave Rayne, Martin Kirby, El Ligero. None of the men listed have been able to knock him off his feet.


In fact Dave Rayne was the first, rather stupidly, to come back for more from Colossus. But that proved to be his downfall as Colossus continually beat him down month after month. Colossus was set to finally finish him off in November at Eternal Glory 2 as he set up two chairs and grabbed Rayne when Stixx came out to the defence of Rayne.


Stixx challenged Colossus to finally pick on someone his own size. The two went nose to nose but no contact was made as Richie West talked Colossus down. It was the first time Kennedy had walked away from a challenge but it was clear he was doing so purely because of instructions from his agent. The following month many were expecting to see Colossus V Stixx but it wasn't to be. Instead Colossus went to a no contest with El Ligero after interference from Dara Diablo. This enraged the monster and was set to take his rage out on the pair when Stixx again made the save. Again the two didn't make contact but went face to face as Stixx, along with the capacity NGW crowd, challenged Kennedy to take the first swing. West again talked him down and it seemed clear he was doing so under orders from Cruz. West made it clear that Cruz Enterprises didn't need it as they were already running amock over the company. Many fans took this as that they were scared that Colossus' dominance (and thus Cruz Enterprises') was looking vulnerable. But NGW managament Mark Criteria, who Cruz Enterprises had recently being abusing, intervened and made the NGW fans night by telling them that Stixx V Colossus would take place at the big 3rd Anniversary Show and what's more there would be a contract signing the show before it, Prophecy.


Prophecy came and the contract signing rolled around. But in true Nathan Cruz fashion, he made the much anticipated contract signing all about Nathan Cruz. He told the fans, Stixx & Mark Criteria that Colossus belonged to him and was contracted to him & NGW. If Cruz said Colossus wasn't signing the contract, he wans't going to sign the contract and that meant the match wasn't going to happen. He then ordered Colossus to chokeslam Stixx. Cruz Enterprises made their exit but Colossus stuck around stalking NGW management, Mark Criteria. Instead of the expected chokeslam, he grabbed the pen and against Cruz Enterprises wishes and orders, he signed the contract for the match! Infuriated and helpless on the stage watching on, Cruz Enteprises stormed off after Colossus walked past without even making eye contact.


This raises many questions, is there trouble in paradise in Cruz Enterprises? Later on in the night, Cruz got attacked by Sam Bailey & Colossus was nowhere to be seen. Will the black and gold clad agent Richie West be at the side of Colossus in what is definitely the BIGGEST match in NGW history like he has been in every match in Colossus' NGW career?


The one question the fans want answering is - Will their newly found hero Stixx be the one to finally knock Kennedy off his feet? Will he be able to do the seemingly impossible and beat him?


Be there on Saturday 11th June to find out and join the NGW birthday celebrations.



Scheduled to appear: (card subject to change)


NGW Championship - Street Fight

'Showstealer' Nathan Cruz

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