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Chairman to pull ex-Champions League side out of football


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As some of you may know, and most probably don't, I'm a lifelong Barry Town supporter.


As a kid, I saw Barry play the likes of Porto, Dynamo Kiev, Boavista and Aberdeen in European competition.


See for yourself here - http://www.youtube.com/user/BarryTownSupporters


Fast forward a decade, and the current owner has decided to pull the team out of football completely, pocketing all money made my the on-site bar for himself, and killing off almost 99 years of history.


Obviously, we're not impressed - and we need as much help as possible to get this story in the public domain, firstly to expose the guy (a struck-off barrister, no less!) and secondly to hope it falls into the lap of someone with the cash and/or influence to save our football team.


We'd like to think that anyone who follows a sports team can relate to this story, and the misery it's brought the community in Barry.


Please follow the campaign at http://www.twitter.com/standupforbarry, the discussion hash-tag is #SaveBarryTownFC


Thanks for reading.



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im out of the loop here, but back when Ebbw Vale had a proper club i followed the Welsh League religiously, but after the club folded i stopped following altogether...whats happened to Barry Town in recent years? They dominated the league when i was watching.

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