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4FW: Events in 2011

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4FW will be running around 10 events per month from July onwards, so apart from the Grange Drive shows in Swindon we will keep everything else in this thread (Announced Matches etc) so we don't clog the forum.


We're going to update 1 month at a time all Saturday events in July have been confirmed, all the Friday ones will be announced next week...



July 2011


: Friday 1st July 2011: TBA :



: Saturday 2nd July 2011: Andover Masonic Hall, East Street, Andover SP10 1EP :

: 'Persian Prince' Behnam Ali vs. Eddie Reyes :



: 'The Saviour' JD Knight vs. Jack Dynamo :



: Van Wicked vs. Owen Phoenix :




: Friday 8th July 2011: TBA :




: Saturday 9th July 2011: Emersons Green Hall, Bristol :

: 'VIP' Benjamin Jackson vs. The Saint :




: 'The Saviour' JD Knight vs. Owen Phoenix :




: 'Assassin' So Sai King/'Persian Prince' Behnam Ali vs. Jason Larusso/Eddie Reyes :




: Friday 15th July 2011: TBA :




: Saturday 16th July 2011: TBA :



: Friday 22nd July 2011: Thatcham Catholic Club, Thatcham :



: Saturday 23rd July 2011: Loddon Hall, Reading :


: 'Persian Prince' Behnam Ali vs. The Saint :





: Friday 29th July 2011: TBA :




: Saturday 30th July 2011: Grange Drive Leisure Centre, Swindon :

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Results from the debut show in Emersons Green, Bristol -


1) Jack Dynamo and Jason Larusso beat So Sai King and Van Wicked (w/Coach Sharp)

2) JD Knight defeated Eddie Reyes.

3) The Saint © beat Matt Lomaxx to retain the 4FW Heavwyeight Championship.

4) Dan Splash pinned Lycan.

5) Benjamin Jackson won a Royal Rumble match to earn a future shot at the 4FW Heavyweight Championship.

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I would urge all wrestling fans on here to attend one of these shows. Stop wasting your money on companies who promise big things but fail to deliver. We should be supporting more companies who are focusing on helping out their own wrestlers to become superstars rather than spending money flying over hasbeens. 4FW has 2 of their guys doing great things in Japan and another who will soon be doing a tour in the US for some BIG companies. These guys are the future of UK wrestling and always put on a great show. I've been twice now having travelled over 4 hours there and 4 hours back and always felt I got my moneys worth. These guys show how a company should be run. Just look at the match graphics, the website and the wrestlers themselves for example. Go to one of these shows and watch the future of UK wrestling. You wont be disappointed.

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The Friday venues will start been released at the end of the week, got some cracking venues to unveil...


*coughs* It's the end of the week! :p


What time do your shows usually end?



My apologies, been really busy, got so much going on right now it's unreal, struggling to keep on top of everything, I will try announce everything during the week, venue addresses, matches etc...


Our events finish between 9:30-9:45 :thumbsup:

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