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WAW show dates for May Yarmouth results from last nite


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WAW shows dates for May are as follows


8th Academy show, Owen Barnes, Breckland centre Costessey Nowich FREE ENTRY


14th Blackfriars Theatre Spain Lane Boston main event The assassins Karl Kramer/Rick Knight v Bud n Bex The Hooligans.


15th Leisure Centre Station Road Dereham


22nd Project Nightclub Riverside Norwich main event Bud n Bex the hooligans v Dominator n Kerry Cabrero for the WAW vacant tag team title.


30th Atlantis Arena Gt Yarmouth Dave Taylor v Drew McDonald. Main Event


Tickets for WAW shows are Adult

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The Project night club riverside Norwich is the new home of WAW in their home town. The club has agreed to match the Legion bar prices so the move will help all our regulars who enjoyed the cheaper food and drinks at the legion. Project is also better situated for our fans, right opposite the train station, on all the bus routes and not far from the city centre. Any travelling fans will now cut costs with the project just two minutes from the station no taxis or buses needed.

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results as follows.


Alaskan tag match


Kip Sabin and TJ Daniels bt Gorgon

Match stipulation Gorgon had to pin both opponents whilst opponents only had to pin him once.


Matt Pedin bt Dave Andrews in a very impressive WAW debut by both lads.


Aaron Sharpe bt Simon Rose


Solomon bt Sam Knee


Britani Knight bt Sweet Saraya



Tag Challenge


Hooligan Bex and Alex young bt Karl Kamer/Ricky Knight



Joe Penny

Chris Bullard


Mike Mann


A very good debut show by WAW who will return in October

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Courtesy of Flash WAWFF



Packed crowd


scott fusion won 2 minute warnin match involving mitchell star, kip sabin, milky o hagen and dkj

marco marinelli w/tommy lee beat canary kid-sam knee guest ref

alex young and tj daniels (young ones) beat lynch + wylde (metalheads)-lynch ko'd from a kick

sweet saraya + britani beat liberty + amy lee krammer, in a knight masterclass

karl krammer beat ivan trevors

ricky knight beat soloman 2-1 to retain HEW title


another great night of waw wrestling

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There is a change of main event due to injury to Bud who could out for up to 6 weeks following hand surgery and happenings at the Academy show May 8th. The new main event will be.

Karl Kramer/Rick Knight/ Hooligan Bex v Dominator/Kerry Cabrerro/Aaron Sharpe


Stipulation if Kramer/Knight/Bex win Bud n Bex become new WAW Tag team champions but if Dominator/Cabrerro/Sharpe win Dominator/Cabrerro become Tag champs. The titles being vacant since the UKP retired.


Another title match added to the program

European open title



Aron Frost Norway Champion v Scott fusion England

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OK people this is the final card for sunday after lots of injuries call offs etc.






Bex/Rick knight/Karl Kramer v Aaron Sharpe/Scott Fusion/Stixx


if Knight team win bud n bex will become tag champs, if Paymaster team win Sharpe and Fusion become champions.


WAW European open title


Aron frost Norway(champion) vs Max Angleus (formally Valentine) England


Solomon vs. WAW British Heavyweight Champion Sam Slam


Chuck Cyrus vs. Alex Young


Marco Marinelli vs. TJ Daniels


ladies match to be decided from this weekends training school


and lastly a British Battle Royale


sorry for all the enforced changes but we are sure you will enjoy this card which is sure to be a great night of entertainment.

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Results from Norwich show.

15 man battle Royale


Winner Brad Slayer


Marco Marinelli w/Tommy Lee bt TJ Daniels


Pro Wrestling EVE ladies Champioship


Britani Knight retained against Liberty


Euopean Open Championship


Aron Fost retained againt Max Angelus


Ladies four corners tag team challenge


Sweet Saraya/X cute France last team standing beating Busty Keegan/Mya Italy, Destiny/Black Widow and Amy-Lee Kramer/Amazon.


Solomon bt a returning Sam Slam


Chuck Syrus bt Alex Young.


Special six man tag challenge with the stipulation if WAW team win Bud n Bex become WAWtag champions if paymaster Dave Waters team win the two man army Scott Fusion n Aaron Sharpe will be champions


Stixx/Scott Fusion/Aaron Sharpe bt Bex/Rick Knight/Karl Kramer after outside interference from the Zebra Kid hitting his brother Bex with a Kendo stick when ref Jimmy Ocean was distracted when the match went out of the ring.


Two man Army new WAW tag team champions.



Len Davis

Mike Mann



Jimmy Ocean

Dave Finch

Joe Penny

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Sweet Saraya/X cute France last team standing beating Busty Keegan/Mya Italy, Destiny/Black Widow and Amy-Lee Kramer/Amazon.


Amy Cooper?


Is that THE Busty Keegan who wrestled in the match? How'd she look in the ring?


It was the Busty Keegan she is one of our academy coaches and she looked like she can still have a shoot :D

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WAW Presents - May Mayhem @ Project Nightclub, Norwich - 22nd May 2011


Another night of action, controversy and thrills from WAW. Those in attendance were treated to an 8 match card featuring some welcome returns to the ring and some out-of-company talent. But by the end of the night, everyone was left stunned.


14 Man Battle Royale

Our opening contest was a fairly standard affair. Just over 5 minutes of chaos, and then everybody seems to dissapear faster than you can blink.

Elimination order -

1 - M. Taggart

2/3 - Mitchell Starr & Dave Daniels (same time)

4 - Charlie Spooner

5 - Stan - Took what looked like a nasty fall from the top rope straight to the floor.

6 - Canary Kid - Thought he saved himself by landing on the apron, but Dave Finch had other ideas and pulled him off before revealing the Ipswich shirt under his ref shirt.

7/8 - Metalheads (Mikky Lynch & Rex Wyld) - Simultaneoulsy eliminated by Special Edition

9 - James 'Milky' O'Hagen

10 - Sam Knee - After Sam's elimination the Metalheads brawled with Sam & Milky at ringside.

11 - Kip Sabin - Thrown onto the ringside brawl.

12 - Jet Logan

13 - DKJ - Brad Slayer hit a backstabber/lungblower and threw DKJ over the top while Dave Finch held Logan back from interferring.

WINNER - Brad Slayer


Marco Marinelli (w/ Tommy Lee) vs TJ Daniels

Before the match could begin Marco mentioned TJ as his brother, and said how he was finally going to teach his little brother a lesson. TJ emerged sporting new silver and gold ring-gear and the match got underway. As could be expected, Marco used his greater size to take early control. After a series of holds TJ countered with a series of armdrags and dropkicks that sent Marco to the outside. This then allowed TJ to follow up with a dive over the top rope.

Back inside the ring TJ managed a 2 count before Marco regained the authority with kicks. As the referee spoke to Marco we saw our first glimpse of Tommy Lee getting a hand in as he slammed TJ's leg onto the ring apron. Despite being hobbled, TJ managed to duck a chop, hit a clothesline and then an axe handle from the second rope. After another 2 count Marco took control and looked to hit a gutwrench powerbomb. While on the shoulders TJ dropped into a double leg "sunset flip" style takedown that Marinelli rolled through. As he rose to his feet Marco pushed TJ back and locked in a cloverleaf submission. Moments later TJ Daniels tapped out.

A slower match to what I'm used to seeing from Daniels, which was largely due to Marco not allowing him much offence overall.

WINNER - Marco Marinelli


Pro Wrestling EVE Title - Liberty vs Britani Knight

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