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WAW show dates for May Yarmouth results from last nite


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Other bouts confirmed for tonight.


WAW Tag champions, Army of Two Scott Fusion/Aaron Sharpe v Solomon/Sam Knee


Sam Slam Nayler v TJ Daniels


T Bone v Steve Quintain


Karl Kramer v Hooligan Bex


Kip Sabin v Stan


Plus the first Arena appearance of WAW new Referee World of sport star Gentleman Jimmy Ocean.

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Results from Yarmouth



Sam "Slam" Nayler bt TJ Daniels


Kip Sabin v Stan was called a no contest after a request from Sabin due to injury to Stan.


"Army of two" Scott Fusion/Aaron Sharpe w/Tommy Lee bt Sam Knee/Soloman


Steve Quintain bt T-Bone 2-1 in round 5 of a 6x3 minute rounds contest


Karl Kramer v Bex was ruled a no contest after Zebra Kid and Army of Two w/Tommy Lee attacked Bex After a brawl and Kramer and Rick Knight coming to Bex's aid a match was made for the summer season opening night July 24th.

Zebra Kid/Army of two v Bex/Karl Kramer/Rick Knight.




Dave Taylor bt Drew McDonald 2-1 in round 6 of a 6x5 minute rounds contest.



Jimmy Ocean

Joe Penny



Mal Mason

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