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Photoshop/Paint Challenge

Glenryck Pilchards

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I am bored at work and we have not had a good old B3ta style photoshop challenge for a while on here, so I thought why the hell not set one.


So the challenge is to edit a cover of a book, film, tv series, videogame or movie poster. You must keep the same title of the cover or poster but change the story. With your edited image you must provide a brief synopsis of the story of your cover/poster.


Below is my pathetic attempt:




Goodbye Mr Chips - The sad tale of the demise of popular UK tea-time gameshow Catchphrase. Everything was going so well until the cheeky Irishman Roy Walker discovered his soulmate Mr Chips having an affair with a gyrating animated snake.


You get the idea, and I am sure you can all do a much better job than me. Entertain me bitches!

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"Capcom's #1 hit fighter takes a revolutionary step into the world of real Street Fighting. New fighters Little Dave and Masked Barry join old favourites in the most realistic fighting game ever!"

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Join Sky Sports' own sexual chocolate as he tells you about his favourite sexual positions. He missed the first four on the list and is unable to pronounce at least half a dozen more, but the rest is unbelievable! Foreword by some beavers, who fought very hard for the honour.


"Kammy knows a fing or two about comin' from behind and vis book proves it" - Paul Merson

"A smash 'it" - Richard Keys

"Kammy's done a great job here, but I'm a little disappointed about the lack of ways you can fuck a bird with your nose" - Phil Thompson

"Look at my bulge" - Jamie Redknapp


In shops now!

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