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XWA War on the Shore VII: Saturday June 4

Victor Is God

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Saturday June 4 2011, The Carleton, Alhambra Buildings, Marine Road West, Morecambe, Lancashire.


XWA WAR ON THE SHORE VII takes place on Saturday June 4 2011 at The Carleton, The Alhambra Buildings, Marine Road West, Morecambe with a huge main event. It's the first time both the XWA British and FWA World Titles will have been on the line in the same match. It's the Royal Battle. It's David Deville v Stixx...




Tickets ARE NOW ON sale from our 24/7 box office number 08444 77100 and from www.xwawrestling.com (click 'Buy Tickets') and from The Carleton on Marine Road West, Morecambe (tel: 01524 414224) or in person from Morecambe Visitor Information Centre, The Platform, Morecambe or from the Morecambe Live ticket office in the Morecambe Arndale Centre (open Saturdays only). They will be priced

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XWA's new YouTube channel launched!

Monday, 21 March 2011 21:59


XWA Wrestling is proud to present its new YouTube channel and what a way to launch it - with our very first ever piece of footage filmed in High Definition and a speech of overwhelming intensity from the XWA's franchise himself, 'The Psychotic Warrior' Johnny Phere...


You can see what Johnny Phere has to say about his sworn enemy The Ascension by clicking here



And if you're going to the NEC in Birmingham this weekend for FWA New Frontiers, you'd better be ready. The Authority had better be ready. The Agenda had better be ready. The Ascension had better be ready.


The Psychotic Warrior Johnny Phere is coming to the FWA!


Subscribe to the XWA YouTube channel today for more exciting videos from XWA Wrestling at




Next >

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XWA Wrestling is proud to announce its contribution to Morecambe's new "Top 20" festivals season - the Wrestle Weekend including our live pro wrestling event XWA War on the Shore on Saturday June 4 and the Learn to Wrestle Open Day on Sunday June 5.


The Top 20 festivals season in Morecambe is 20 consecutive weekends of live entertainment in the Lancashire seaside resort running from April 30 to September 13. The Top 20 is a groundbreaking concept where there will be something for everyone - whether you're a fan of pop music, jazz, blues, salsa, disco, country or 1950s rock 'n' roll - the Top 20 has something for you!


As a leading and established live entertainment provider in Morecambe, XWA Wrestling has been asked to be part of the Top 20. So we are delighted to announce our first ever Wrestle Weekend - two days with everything a wrestling fan could ever want, to give everyone a chance to sample exactly what XWA Wrestling has to offer!


The Wrestle Weekend begins on Saturday, June 4 with our annual live extravaganza XWA War on the Shore VII at The Carleton in Morecambe, Lancashire! This great night out for all the family has received rave reviews all over the country from local people and wrestling fans from across the UK who travel to enjoy the fantastic entertainment the XWA is renowned for. Expect some thrilling live wrestling action including the main event for the XWA British Heavyweight Championship as The Ascension defends against the number one contender 'The Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx. Also all your favourite XWA stars including Sam Slam, 'Psychotic Warrior' Johnny Phere, Joey Hayes, El Ligero, 'RockStar' Spud, The Blackpool Blonds and many many more will be appearing! The doors open at 7pm, show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets cost

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JYNKZ v RJM III added to XWA War on the Shore...


Ricky J McKenzie has lost two consecutive matches to Jynkz but has vowed it will be third time lucky when they square off one more time at XWA War on the Shore on Saturday June 4...


RJM had his shoulders pinned to the canvas for a three count at the hands of XWA's Warpainted Wonder at both XWA Breakout and XWA Goldrush. After losing both matches, RJM was not a happy camper. McKenzie is new to the XWA. He is young, hungry, brash and wants to make an impact. He is in impeccable physical condition and comes with a huge reputation as a future star of the British Wrestling scene. Losing to Jynkz - and twice for that matter - was not on his agenda. No wonder RJM exploded after being pinned by Jynkz at Goldrush and joined forces with The Authority to give The Flying Scot a major beating which left him easy pickings for The Ascension in their unscheduled and totally unfair 'British Heavyweight Title match'.


After Goldrush, McKenzie was in a foul mood backstage. The bullying braggart from The Estate was telling anyone who would listen that Jynkz is beneath him. RJM sees the daredevil star as a freak, an outcast, a misfit, someone who does not belong. He scoffs at his gothic clothes, his long hair and facepaint. He has no respect for Jynkz's spiritual side and his mastery of Acro Yoga. He also has no empathy for the horrible experiences Jynkz had as a child which have shaped the person he has become today. In a nutshell, McKenzie and Jynkz are polar opposites. They are chalk and cheese.


Jynkz has been called an outcast all his life. He has been insulted and bullied on countless occasions and has learned to deal with it. So he has not risen to McKenzie's taunts, and instead intends to make his own statement where it really counts, on Saturday June 4 2011 at XWA War on the Shore, inside the wrestling ring where he feels most at home!


The simmering rivalry between Jynkz and Ricky J McKenzie will continue at The Carleton in Morecambe on June 4. It's a match neither can afford to lose!

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Sam Slam has returned to the XWA for two reasons. One was to become the co-owner of the XWA and make Greg Lambert's life a living hell for banning him from the XWA. The other reason was to get revenge on the group of renegades who campaigned to ban him in the first place...that being Team RockStar!


With this in mind, Sam Slam has vowed to go through each and every member of Team RockStar until he has taken them all out! And the co-owner of the XWA wants to start with the biggest, strongest and baddest member of the group, the 400lb Toxic Terror Cyanide!


So on Saturday June 4 at XWA War on the Shore VII, Sam Slam will go one on one with the massive and deceptively agile Cyanide in what should be a heavyweight clash of the ages!


This will be Sam's first wrestling appearance in the XWA since Goldrush 2010 and he is itching to return to active competition. So much so, that he has negotiated a special contract that will allow him to wrestle even though he's co-owner. The only condition Greg Lambert has insisted on, is that Sam Slam cannot challenge for the British Heavyweight Title while he remains co-owner of the company. This, says Lambert, would be a conflict of interest. This seems like double standards from The Truth, but also could be a wily plot by The Authority figurehead. We know that Greg does not want Sam Slam as his business partner. Perhaps he's hoping that the lure of regaining the championship he once held will prove too much for Sam, and he will give up his 50% stake in the company in order to pursue the belt once again?


Lambert seems more than happy for Sam to wrestle Cyanide though, and again perhaps he's hoping that the 400lb Toxic Terror will annihilate The People's Champion and put him back out of the XWA. Certainly Cyanide has been looking especially dangerous of late, having put Dave Rayne on the injured list at XWA Breakout and scored a crushing victory over The Eco Warrior at XWA Apocalypse.


The other interesting aspect to this situation is the disarray Team RockStar finds itself in. What is actually happening with Team RockStar, anyway? At Goldrush, RockStar Spud beat up The Blackpool Blonds and eliminated Stallion from the rumble. Does this mean he's no longer the leader of the gang? Is there even a gang left to lead?


We hope to gain some comments from the members of Team RockStar about this issue in the run-up to War on the Shore at The Carleton in Morecambe on Saturday, June 4!

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The Blackpool Blonds have challenged Joey Hayes to pick a partner and face them in tag team action at XWA War on the Shore VII on Saturday June 4. And it seems that The Blonds and Joey agree on something...that partner will not be Declan O'Connor...


Axl Rage and JD Sassoon are adamant that The Manchester Massive will NEVER reunite and although they want Joey to face them in the ring to continue their feud at War on the Shore, they believe that Declan and Joey will not reconcile their differences and this means Hayes will have to find a different partner.


As for Joey, he has invited his former best friend to meet him face-to-face in the ring at War on the Shore so they can talk things through, but has made it clear that he feels this "clear the air" conversation needs to happen before he can commit to having Declan back as his tag team partner. Hayes says that he will accept The Blonds' challenge, but feels it's more likely that he will ask someone else to be his partner rather than O'Connor on June 4, because he needs to be absolutely sure that 'The Manchester Devil' can be trusted.


This may not be a popular decision with the XWA fans, who are desperate to see The Massive reunite. But after the despicable actions of Declan towards Joey throughout 2009, Hayes has made it clear that he will not forgive and forget quite to easily. He's willing to talk, but wants to take any reconciliation one step at a time.


Judging by the olive branch he threw Joey at Goldrush, Declan really wants to make amends. But Hayes has been deeply hurt. Time heals all wounds though, and we hope that The Massive can put their differences behind them. With The Blackpool Blonds stirring the pot though, this could be wishful thinking.


We will bring you news of Joey's choice of tag team partner, and what Declan O'Connor thinks about the situation, as soon as we can.

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The Queen's footman to debut for XWA!

Sunday, 24 April 2011 07:05

As the nation prepares to celebrate the Royal Wedding, XWA Wrestling is proud to announce that a professional wrestler who works for the Royal family will make his XWA debut at War on the Shore VII on Saturday June 4!






By day, David Deville works as a royal footman for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II inside Buckingham Palace. See this link for more details.




But away from his day job attending to the most powerful family in the United Kingdom, David Deville has been hand picked to join the most powerful insititution in the XWA. David Deville is now part of The Authority!


This is what we know about David Deville. Late last year, Deville - himself an accomplished up-and-coming pro wrestler - was selected to become the wrestling apprentice of XWA British Heavyweight Champion The Ascension, the man formerly known as Alex Shane. Deville began to appear at The Ascension's side at several major British Wrestling events, including those for the XWA's partner promotion, the Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA). Then, due to an FWA stipulation which means that any ally of The Ascension can hold the FWA World Heayweight Title, Deville has begun to carry around that prestigious belt and proclaim himself the World Heavyweight Champion...despite the fact that he never officially won the championship in a match!


So we know why Deville has the FWA World Title in his possession...but why is he pictured above carrying the XWA British Heavyweight Title as well? The British Heavyweight Title held by The Ascension? The Ascension who is scheduled to be defending that title on Saturday June 4 at War on the Shore against the number one contender 'The Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx?


We know the kind of tricks The Ascension, David Deville and their cohort, XWA co-owner Greg 'The Truth' Lambert have pulled in the past in order to maintain their sinister control of championship gold, so we will be monitoring this situation closely. And we're sure that the new co-owner of the XWA, Sam Slam, a man who has pledged to be the ringside enforcer when The Ascension faces Stixx for the title on June 4, will be watching closely too...

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Now Joel Redman to be at War on the Shore!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011 07:06


The Authority is regrouping and amassing its forces for XWA War on the Shore VII. First came the announcement that David Deville - Her Majesty the Queen's Royal Footman, and the apprentice of British Heavyweight Champion The Ascension - would be at The Carleton on Saturday June 4. Now we have word from the offices of XWA co-owner and Authority figurehead Greg 'The Truth' Lambert that he has also recruited the Wrestling Cyborg, and The Ascension's trusted lieutenant, Joel Redman as well...






Just take a look at the photo of Joel Redman. This man is a physical specimen. No wonder he has been touted by industry experts as a nailed-on future WWE superstar. He even appeared on the WWE SmackDown TV broadcast last Friday from London, England. He is in phenomenal muscular shape but is also an absolute wrestling machine with a ruthless streak.


Greg Lambert often likes to say that he represents the hierarchy that pushes the agenda which is dictated by The Authority which rules over British Wrestling. Joel Redman, as followers of the XWA's partner promotion the Frontier Wrestling Alliance will know, is part of that Agenda. Redman is a member of The Agenda group in the FWA who, led by The Ascension, have caused havoc throughout that promotion. At the recent FWA event New Frontiers at the NEC in Birmingham, Redman stood side by side with The Ascension, Lambert and David Deville as they pretty much obliterated everyone who stood in their path. Only the shocking interruption of XWA's very own anti-hero 'The Psychotic Warrior' Johnny Phere stopped their reign of terror in its tracks.


Now we learn that Redman will be at War on the Shore on June 4, the night when The Ascension is due to defend his British Heavyweight Title against the number one contender 'The Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx. We thought the odds were stacked against the champion, for once, when we learned that new XWA co-owner Sam Slam had made himself ringside enforcer. But now we discover that The Authority has called for such impressive reinforcements in Deville and Redman. What could the sinister axis of evil be planning? Who will Redman face at War on the Shore? We don't even know what Deville's role will be at The Carleton.


There is a cloak of mystery surrounding The Authority's plotting ahead of Saturday June 4 and The Fight to the Finish between The Ascension and Stixx. But then again, that's just the way they like it.

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Spud and Stallion showdown!

Thursday, 28 April 2011 06:38


Sparks are bound to fly at XWA War on the Shore on Saturday June 4 when two of British Wrestling's most outrageous and outspoken characters tear into each other on the microphone. A personal issue has developed between former allies 'RockStar' Spud and Stallion and there's only one way to solve it...with a verbal showdown!


Since the events of Goldrush, when 'RockStar' Spud eliminated Stallion from the Goldrush rumble, the former business relationship between the Baby Jesus of British Wrestling and his tour manager has broken down beyond repair. Being publicly humiliated like that was too much for an egomaniac like Stallion to take. And with Spud having also beaten up his former lackeys The Blackpool Blonds during the same rumble, it seems that Team RockStar has suffered an irreparable split.


Stallion has been mouthing off against Spud to all and sundry since Goldrush and wants answers. He wants to know why Spud physically attacked him and threw him over the top rope. And he wants those answers at XWA War on the Shore. And 'The RockStar' is more than willing to give those answers...and Stallion might not like what he hears!


So on Saturday June 4 at The Carleton, we're going to put the bandana-wearing blowhard in the ring with a live microphone. We're going to add 'The RockStar' Spud to the mix with another live microphone. And we're going to allow these two loudmouths to get all their frustrations with each other off their chests. Stallion v Spud is bound to be a fashion nightmare, but for fans of verbal sparring and outright entertainment, it's could very well be a dream come true!


Stallion v Spud - the showdown has been added to what's becoming a stacked card for XWA's biggest show of the year, XWA War on the Shore. And we haven't finished yet...there's still more to add in the weeks ahead including a big announcement scheduled for tomorrow...Royal Wedding Day...!

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BREAKING NEWS - The Royal Battle is confirmed!

Friday, 29 April 2011 06:05


As the nation awakes ready to celebrate a historic Royal occasion, news has reached us of a change to the XWA War on the Shore main event on Saturday June 4...a change that will give XWA its own historic Royal occasion and see the XWA British Heavyweight Titles and FWA World Heavyweight Titles on the line in the same match for the first time ever...


Rumours have been circulating for weeks around the XWA that British Heavyweight Champion The Ascension Alex Shane has a serious injury. Details of this injury have been kept quiet but it is believed the seriousness is such that he requires surgery and will be out of action for up to five months. This means that The Ascension will not be able to defend the British Heavyweight Title as scheduled on Saturday June 4 against his former close friend and ally, and the number one contender 'The Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx.


There have been protracted talks going on behind-the-scenes in the XWA since news of Shane's condition broke. We have been told that new XWA co-owner Sam Slam pressed for The Ascension to be stripped of the British Heavyweight Title due to this injury. But a clause in Shane's XWA contract, inserted by the other XWA co-owner Greg 'The Truth' Lambert, gives Shane the right to choose a replacement to defend the title on his behalf should he be physically unable to do so himself.


It has also been confirmed that Shane has already chosen his replacement...and that will be his own wrestling apprentice, the man who by day works as a Royal Footman for Her Majesty the Queen herself and the reigning World Heavyweight Champion of the XWA's partner promotion the Frontier Wrestling Alliance, David Deville (pictured below with The Ascension - pic by Tony Knox).




However following talks between Sam Slam's personal adviser Dann Read and Tony Simpson, the managing director of FWA, it has been agreed that BOTH titles will be on the line during this match. We understand that Sam was determined that if The Ascension v Stixx could not take place, the XWA fans would get the most prestigious replacement match possible as the main event for XWA War on the Shore VII. And as there has never been a main event in Morecambe where both the World and British Heavyweight Titles are on the line, he has insisted that Deville be ordered to defend both in the same night, in the same match!


This also means that the main event will be sanctioned by both the XWA and the FWA, enabling both companies to have one official at ringside. These officials will be Sam Slam for XWA...and The Ascension Alex Shane for FWA!


So there you have it. The main event of XWA War on the Shore VII on Saturday June 4 will now be The Royal Battle: FWA World Heavyweight Champion David Deville (with The Ascension in his corner) versus 'The Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx (with Sam Slam in his corner). If Deville wins, then he will not only become the first man to successfully defend both the World and British titles in the same match, but he will end Stixx's phenomenal XWA undefeated streak which stretches back 13 consecutive matches and over three years.


But if Stixx can pin the Royal servant's shoulders to the mat or make him submit on June 4, he will become both the FWA World and the XWA British Heavyweight Champion and step out of the shadow of Alex Shane once and for all!


It will indeed be a historic Royal occasion to rival today's wedding of William and Kate. Don't miss it!

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Iestyn Rees at War on the Shore!

Wednesday, 04 May 2011 08:24


The Authority continues to amass numbers and rally its troops ahead of XWA War on the Shore on Saturday June 4. Now we learn that Mr Smooth himself, Iestyn Rees, has been recruited to be at The Carleton in Morecambe to serve The Ascension and Greg Lambert's dark purpose...whatever it may be...




Iestyn Rees (above right, pic by Tony Knox) is the tag team partner of Joel Redman (left) who we already know will make his XWA debut at War on the Shore. The 6 ft 5in Adonis is a member of The Ascension's army of followers in XWA's partner promotion the Frontier Wrestling Alliance. Rees is also a former IPW:UK Heavyweight Champion and a physically impressive individual who, alongside Redman, has an Agenda to use British Wrestling as a stepping stone to bigger and better things in America - hence the name of their group in the FWA, The Agenda. Both Rees and Redman believe that the influence of The Authority - the duo of The Ascension and XWA co-owner Greg Lambert who have control over The Agenda - can enable them to achieve this dream, and they will tread on any British wrestler who gets in their way...or any British wrestler The Ascension and Lambert want them to destroy.


So this means that at War on the Shore, The Ascension and 'The Truth' will have at their side not only their unswerving Minions Aaron Inferno and Faith Tanner, but also The Ascension's Royal Apprentice Her Majesty the Queen's Royal Footman David Deville, the Wrestling Cyborg Joel Redman and the super suave lady killer Iestyn Rees.




Sam Slam, the new co-owner of the XWA, has got to be frustrated by this news. Johnny Phere, who hates The Authority and wants to take it down in order to get back the British Heavyweight Title he believes is rightfully his, has also got to be furious by these developments. Then there's the number one contender 'The Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx, who will challenge David Deville - fighting on behalf of the injured Ascension - in the biggest match of his career on Saturday June 4 with the FWA World and XWA British Heavyweight Titles on the line. What must he be thinking at the news that The Authority will have such strength in numbers on June 4 - the day of the Royal Battle?


We still have no idea what role Rees and Redman will play at The Carleton but if past history is anything to go by, it could be one where gang attacks, double-teaming, interference in matches and causing general mayhem and injury take precedence over sportsmanship and fair play. Sam Slam has got to do something about this. But what will...or can The People's Champion do?


Already XWA War on the Shore is shaping up to be a big event with so many new faces and big matches and confrontations already signed. See www.xwawrestling.com for details on how to be there!

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Joey and Ligero v The Blonds!

Friday, 06 May 2011 06:43


Joey Hayes has chosen the Mexican sensation and XWA British Flyweight Champion El Ligero as his tag team partner for his grudge match with The Blackpool Blonds on Saturday June 4 at XWA War on the Shore.


And having made this decision, Joey is remaining tight-lipped on whether he will reunite with his former tag team partner Declan O'Connor long-term and reform The Manchester Massive.


That all depends on how The Massive Meeting goes on June 4 at The Carleton, when Joey and Declan will meet face to face in the ring, hoping to resolve their differences.


Declan has accepted Joey's invitation to be there at War on the Shore, and intends to convince his former best friend that he is a changed man and that he regrets his actions of 2009 when the team broke up over Declan's jealousy of Joey's success.


O'Connor has already thrown Hayes an olive branch by making a stunning comeback to help him out against The Blackpool Blonds at the recent Goldrush show. But Joey would not accept Declan's offer of a handshake at Goldrush, as he is still deeply hurt by his ex-best mate's betrayal of two years ago and is not convinced that The Manchester Devil can be trusted.


We understand that XWA Master of Ceremonies Richard Parker, who is good friends with both Declan and Joey, has been acting as something of a mediator between the two men since Goldrush and has been instrumental in getting them together at War on the Shore to talk things through. Richard has been trying to convince Joey that Declan feels genuine remorse for what he did and has realised he acted appallingly. But at the same time, we know Declan is a proud man and that he feels hurt that Joey won't let bygones be bygones so easily. We understand that Declan was not happy that Joey chose El Ligero as his tag team partner for War on the Shore and not him, and was considering not turning up to The Carleton on June 4. But Richard has convinced Declan that he needs to be there if he's sincere about salvaging his friendship with Hayes.


Watching all of this with interest, meanwhile, will be Joey's hated rivals The Blackpool Blonds. The obnoxious duo of Axl Rage and JD Sassoon, remember, have stated that The Manchester Massive will never reunite so The Blonds can remain what they claim to be, "the greatest tag team in XWA history".


The plot thickens ahead of XWA War on the Shore VII on Saturday June 4 when a classic tag team match should ensue, and hopefully a Massive reunion will finally take place. What will happen? Be at The Carleton to find out!


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Vote in our poll on the homepage of www.xwawrestling.com - do you think Joey should forgive Declan and reform The Manchester Massive? VOTE NOW!

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