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British Promoter passes away

The Reverend

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Just in case anyone knew of Brian, here's some info from the British Wrestlers Reunion website. I met Brian a couple of times and he had some amazing stories about the business. It's a shame that every year we're losing more guys from the British scene:


BRIAN MANELLI has died peacefully in Hospital this evening at 1700 from the effects of a silent heart attack and complications.


Brian who had been in the wrestling Business for 50 years and fathered star grappler : STEVE MANELLI was taken to Hospital with severe groin pain last Friday, then diagnosed with the silent heart attack, where a blood transfusion was administered, but having had surgery on an artery in his leg some time ago began bleeding internally into his stomach, which damaged other vital organs. Sadly, he was too weak for an operation, and all the Doctors could do was administer morphine to make him comfortable.


The Boss and Founder of Phoenix Promotions : a Kent based outfit, Manelli captured the market in Camp entertainment during the summer months and many wrestlers owe their careers to Brian, having used this medium as a springboard to full time mat work.


Brian Manelli was a widely respected and extremely well liked Professional with an immense knowledge of his Business and the world of wrestling will be a sorrier place for his passing.

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