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3CW Free For All VIII - 11/03/11 Billingham Synthonia


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3CW returns followings its winter hibernation with its first show of 2011, presenting Free For All VIII. In the past, this annual tradition featured a special Free For All rumble style match-up, and after a two-year absence this spectacle is returning! The match has been demanded by the rookie hating, nostalgia driven group the 3 Count Mafia. The Mafia have been terrorising 3CW in recent months, targeting youngsters and wrestler they feel are

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You are as well saying bring a full car and we buy the first round at the bar assuming it is licensed?

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Bring a full car and buy the offer price tickets and they're SO cheap you'll feel like we've bought you the first round at the bar. And yes, it's licensed!


And aye, Stevie's back, doing very limited shows. I'd be very surprised if you see him outwith 3CW.

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This book is certainly worth buying for any fan of 3CW or British wrestling in general.


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Stevie Lynn defeated Lewis Chambers after Dragon Aisu inteference giving the 3 Count Mafia the advantage in the Free For



Kris Travis defeated Lance Thunder in his return to 3 Count Wrestling


Olivia Burns & Iain Robinson (w/ Simon G. Money) beat The Lost (w/ Kyle Kraze)


Dan Evans challenged Mick Falls for the 3CW North East Championship but Falls didn't appear so the referee started his ten count after Evans said he will take the title via forefit, at the count of 9, Falls's MNS team mate came out with the Championship in hand and he explained the crowd that Evans knows fine and well that Mick Falls wasnt going to be there because the 3 Count Mafia made sure of it. Woods put the title up as bait to get a singles match with Evans to gain some revenge for Falls who had given him his blessing. Evans said he liked the odds as he urged Woods to turn round into a spear from Vegas Connection and Mafia member Vincent White, the duo then took Woods apart putting his hopes to an end with a 3C, leading to...


Dan Evans defeated Stuart Woods to become the 3CW North East Championship


As Stevie Aaron announced it Evans proclaimed himself the 3CW Young Lions Champion as it was when he was apart of the good old days of 3CW, he said he would be a fighting Champion dareing anyone to take his challenge... Crazy Horses hit and...


Mohmed Ameen defeated Dan Evans to become the 3CW Young Lions Champion.


Voodoo bested Chris Hawk


The main event of the evening was the Free For All match featuring members of the 3 Count Mafia against 3CW


Order of entry:

1. Dragon Aisu (3CM)

2. Andy O’Sullivan (3CW)

3. Gabriel Grey (3CM)

4. Darkside (3CW)

5. GBH (3CM)

6. Andy Swan (3CW)

7. Chris Cannon (3CM)

8. Mohmed Ameen (3CW)

9. Stevie Lynn (3CM)

10. Cameron Kraze (3CW)

11. Vincent D. White (3CM)

12. Martin Kirby (3CW)

13. Dan Evans (3CM)

14. Lewis Chambers (3CW)


Order of elimination (number in brackets denotes after what entry number the elimination occurs):

1. O’Sullivan by Aisu (pinfall)​

2. Grey by Darkside (pinfall)

3. Swan by D&D (pinfall)

4. Cannon by Ameen (over the top)

5. GBH by Darkside (pinfall)

6. Aisu by Chambers (over the top)

7. Chambers by Lynn w/ Aisu (over the top)

8. Kraze by White (over the top)

9. Ameen by Evans (over the top)

10. White by Darkside (over the top)

11. Darkside by Lynn (pinfall)

12. Lynn by Kirby (pinfall)

13. Evans by Kirby (pinfall)


Martin Kirby won the free for all after finger poke of Doom on Stevie Lynn and Dan Evans turning his back on 3CW to get a title shot against El Ligero at the Anniversary Show in May. Earlier in the match Cameron Kraze took out every man in the ring even Darkside and Martin Kirby leading to a heated argument with tag team partner and fellow 3CW Tag Team Champion Mohmed Ameen and both men being eliminated. Lewis Chambers got a matter of revenge on Dragon Aisu, eliminating him but he was dispatched soon after.


A full report to follow...

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