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  1. And could it be possible that they'd end up paying more, or at least a comparable amount, for ROH? That'd be mental if you think about it.
  2. At 3CW we have: 15th April The Forum, Northallerton 20th May Hartlepool Borough Hall 24th June Dolphin Centre, Darlington
  3. Just to back up what C-Rock has said above, I promote 3 Count Wrestling in the North East and while we don't currently run a training school (and without prejudice to anyone else who may run schools in the area), we endorse strongly the NGW school in Durham that's headed up by Rampage Brown and Jamie Ahmed. The sessions run every Tuesday evening 7:30pm-10pm at: 2B-Fit, 37 Stella Gill Ind Est, Pelton Fell, Chester-le-Street, DH2 2RH.
  4. It's hardly surprising that a bunch of non-wrestling fans watching morning TV didn't like it. Let's hope they keep talking about it though ;-)
  5. To be fair to them, they aren't the first to have problems with live streaming and won't be the last, and the content is reportedly online now and works fine. I might've felt differently had I paid for the Extra service and tried to watch it live (I was at the show) but as a first time out giving them a chance would be my thought. The show itself is well worth a watch.
  6. The show was I believe aimed at Freshers Week, hence the price and the amount of casuals. Makes sense I guess if they return for the upcoming shows!
  7. Hey all! Hope you don't mind me popping this on here. NGW debut at the Borough Hall in Hartlepool on the 19th of March. More info and tickets available via www.ngwuk.com
  8. They did mention Neville's Dragon Gate run...
  9. Posting on behalf of a friend, check out his eBay page here: http://m.ebay.co.uk/sch/judgeflash/m.html?isRefine=true&item=111608597303&hash=item19fc640b37&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Genuinely isn't me, so please pass on any enquiries via eBay :-)
  10. Haha, fair play! I thought we were getting into the whole being a fan/being a wrestler debate, but I wholeheartedly agree. Especially given the man's apparent rep!
  11. Not that I care, but you may wish to wait for the actual rating rather than the overnights before pedantry can begin... I thought both were very well made, and don't see the need for it. Also, the mask - I'm pretty sure he wore it for some spots in the match as well from having seen pictures from the evening, someone that was there could probably confirm. What's your point?
  12. Unofficially speaking, the last I heard the pre-sale was over 550-600 odd which is two thirds of the capacity AND that isn't taking into account the production (i.e Ramp, Camera positioning etc)Fantastic news - best of luck to all involved, look forward to seeing the footage
  13. Good luck Andy and crew - last few times I've sat in that hall I've been left thinking what a shame the attendance was considering the talent; I'm sure this will not be a repeat, and if it were any closer and the logistics any easier I'd no doubt wander along for a look myself, which in 2013 is saying something. All the best.
  14. Thank you for taking the time out to write that Ben. Here is your reward: We're not even sorry.
  15. Better late than never - official match times and results from our own Stevie Aaron: 3CW Darkest Deeds: The Final Curtain Actual bell to bell times and results 1) Johnny Moss pinned Darkside in 9:13 2) Drunk & Disorderly won the 3CW Tag Team Championship in 10:29 in a one fall four corners match also featuring Vegas Connection, Britain's Most Educated and The Kraze (Busta & Marky) 3) Mohmed Ameen, Stevie Lynn & Conscience bested Damned Nation in 19:18 4) Chris Whitton won the five way End of the Road elimination match. Eliminations came as follows. a) Anthony McIntyre pinned Kid Richie in 16:23 b) Chris Whitton pinned Andy Swan at 16:44 c) Lance Thunder pinned McIntyre at 17:38 d) Whitton pinned Thunder at 18:54 5) Dirty Oil won the final Free For All in 12:54 ORDER OF ENTRY (1 MIN INTERVALS) 1. Priscilla 2. Andy Hogg 3. Mark Manners 4. Matt Horsfield 5. Voodoo 6. Super Hungry 7. Jayson Mayson / Simon G. Money 8. Marky B Kraze 9. Andy O'Sullivan w/ Amber 10. Chris Hawk 11. Ross Strong 12. Vulture 13. Brother War 14. Dirty Oil 6) Martin Kirby retained the 3CW Triple Crown Championship against El Ligero in 18:11. The match was re started due to Kirby 's feet on the ropes. A few minutes later, Kirby pinned Ligero at 22:08 7 / impromptu) Chris Whitton pinned Martin Kirby in just a couple of minutes to win the 3CW Triple Crown Championship. (no match time - Stevie was a little too involved to worry about it!) For anyone keen - yes, a DVD IS on the way, and with a little luck will be available to purchase as of this weekend. A preorder is available at a special discounted rate at 3CW.co.uk - click here to order A teaser video has also just gone online - Click here for 3CW Darkest Deeds: Final Curtain DVD Teaser