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IPW: UK going On Demand?


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Very good news.


Ordering DVD's is a pain in the arse so this should be better.

They've got such an extensive back catalogue if they've got all those shows so they must have loads of material with alot of big names.


Though be interesting to know how they get on with using any material from shows which has the peeps currently contracted to the big two - i'm sure selling anything for paid broadcast isn't allowed with contracted wrestlers. Though I could be wrong???


We shall see; tis good stuff though!

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Today IPW:UK is pleased to announce the launch of its new On Demand PPV service (www.ipwuk.com/ondemand) which for the first time will allow users from around the globe the opportunity to watch action from UK's most talked about promotion at the click of a button.


The service like IPW:UK will continue to evolve over the coming weeks and months as you will see new videos added on a regular basis.


Something that IPW has been conscious about since day one is the need to walk before we can run and this On Demand service is no different.


Launching with two event releases: The Sittingbourne Spectacular (Pac vs Haskins, Mastiff vs Morishima) for the special promotional price of

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Pssst Andy, these shows took place in 2010, not 2009 :p


Good stuff, I'll be sure to plug it wherever I can.


That's a very good point... I know the shows happened last year but for some reason I feel like I'm still in 2010 :s lol


Please do spread the word, we've got some really cool stuff coming up! :thumbsup:

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