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  1. Did the boxing happen at Fusion Nightclub last night?
  2. What is the point of all this, why would someone want to go to a show of someone so all over the place. I bet Ricky Knight winces everytime he sees you post on here. Stop playing 'me against the world' and go and put some banners up outside Wickes. If you never posted on here you might at least get someone in your geographical area who might attend your show by just seeing wrestling on a poster.
  3. Congrats to you and WAW on this show.
  4. Was the Bushwacker there?
  5. hows the advertising going?
  6. So cautious you've had to say it twice. I don't think WWE are going into Norwich to raid WAW's talent roster. I would imagine the venue has been chosen because it's the right size to what they want to do and perfect for use of filming shows for the network. It's a TV studios based in the south which has been used for wrestling. Sounds perfect for the WWE UK shows.
  7. Who's brought tickets for the WWE shows? I've tried but seems totally sold out already.
  8. This is just WAW Leeds isn't it?
  9. Why would the WWE do that? It's not like they need the promotion from WAW and by all means the WWE haven't struggled to sell tickets for this have they. Also Jack Swagger if you listen to WWE' press release he wasn't released and when he is he is under a 90 day non compete, WAW didn't do them a favour by not having him on their show he isn't allowed to.
  10. Will the Knights even be getting paid for this film? Wouldn't the rights be with 4films or whoever did the documentary?
  11. vs Bushwacker Luke ?
  12. Have you tried paid advertising online?
  13. Just realised that Bushwacker Luke is going to be in a Harehills Street Fight! Take my money!
  14. Now the banner has been destroyed, was it round the back in the loading bay of Wickes or where else was it seen on CCTV? You aren't working us are you Adam?
  15. THIS IS LIFE! #BannerGate