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live in Brigg TONIGHT!

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Full card for this Saturday nights show:

Jonny Storm vs. Havok

Paul Holleworth vs. Chris Wolfman

SC Supreme & Bam Bam Barton vs. Matt Myers & Super Robbie X

Prince Mohmed Ameen vs. Simon Lancaster

Lee Chaos vs. Johnny Moss

Textbook Dave Breaks vs. Spyda


Ringside seating is now SOLD OUT

General Admission, Concessions and saver tickets are still available.

Pay on the door customers welcome.


Doors open @ 6:30pm first bell @ 7pm

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Well i have just returned from the show & have to say how much i enjoyed it. Not a bad match on the card, hot crowd, just brilliant! I feel bad for not mentioning all of the wrestlers but thought the Storm v Havoc, Moss v Chaos & Myers/Robbie X v Supreme/Barton were all strong matches.


We will definately be returning to Brigg the next time RDW is in town. :thumbsup:

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I did photos for this show and it was really, really good.

Must have been in excess of 250 people there, and they were hot all night.


Results :


Spyda defeated Textbook Dave Breaks

Havok defeated Johnny Storm

Paul Holleworth vs. Chris Wolfman ended in a NC when Johnny Moss came out and destroyed both people, along with other academy students, before being chased off by his opponent later in the night...


SC Supreme & Bam Bam Barton defeated Matt Myers & Super Robbie X - EXCELLENT tag match, with a this is awesome chant from the appreciative crowd.

Prince Mohmed Ameen defeated Simon Lancaster

Lee Chaos defeated Johnny Moss in a wild no DQ match. Again, the crowd showed their appreciation for this.

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Really good show last night and the crowd were insane. There is nothing to do in Brigg and on a Saturday night it is shut so they came out in force and ready to have a good time.


If you have not been to an RDW show and you live near one, then make the effort you will not be disappointed.

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I really enjoyed this show, from start to finish.


A few of my mates taking their kids to the show were asking me (the only adult they know who watches wrestling) if these lads were going to be any good or if it would be cringeworthy stuff. I had informed them that the little skinhead on the poster (Jonny Storm) has worked around the world and - based on what I'd seen him do for All-Star - is one of the best in the country at entertaining a younger crowd.


Luckily, Jonny backed up what I had said in a very good match with Havoc. But the best thing was that most of the other wrestlers I wasn't familiar with were just as impressive.


The high flying Spyda vs the charismatic Breaks (who employed every cheap-cheating-trick in the book) was a perfect way to start the show. The crowd went wild for Spyda's offence and never quietened down until the show was over.


A brilliant tag team match followed Storm vs Havoc.


A guy who used to work where I currently work was in the local newspaper last week talking about training to be a pro-wrestler. Unfortunately he left here just before I started so I never met him.

At the show, I was sat with a guy I work with and who used to work with this wrestler. But he didn't see this article in the paper. So he was very surprised when he came back from the toilet early in the second half and told me he bumped into this guy and was chatting for a few minutes before noticing he was wearing trunks.

Asking why he was dressed like a wrestler, the guy replied: "I'm a wrestler. I'm on next".


So Simon Lancaster came out for what was billed as a tryout match with Prince Mohammed Ameen and looked really good for someone with so little experience. He took the biggest most painful-looking bump of the night when he was leg-swept off the apron taking a back bump to the floor. Everybody winced at that one.


His performance was so good the crowd responded even more than RDW could have hoped, pleading with the ring announcer to give him a contract despite the fact he lost after a Pedigree. When Sykes revealed they were taking him on, the crowd popped yet again.


An arena-wide brawl ended the show on a high note, and the kids treated Lee Chaos like he was a massive superstar swarming around the ring to shake his hand and take photos.


Yet another massive cheer went up when they announced they would be returning to Brigg, I think they said "in a few months time".


I'm positive the 250-ish crowd will all be back, hopefully even more than that. :thumbsup:

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