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[Nominations] Worst Match of 2010


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Bret vs Vince. I'd love to be able to say something different; but that match was so bad, it even kept Nash out of the running!!

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I might be in the minority on this but I thought Taker/Kane matches were okay.


Divas Tag Team Match at Wrestlemania 26.


Ha, that's probably not even in the Top Twenty Worst Diva Matches of the Year. It was basically just a couple of minutes of finishers and a (Vickie) comedy spot.


That said I'm not sure about nominating NXT matches is that fair when it was their first match... but on the other hand if people can nominate McGuillicutt/Kaval/Husky for MOTY (which they have) then I suppose it does count:


Maxine vs. Kaitlyn (NXT 19th October 2010)



Bret vs Vince for me. If you have a stroke victim vs 65-year old with no mobility, complete anti-booking is never going to help matters. But you sort of have to give the match at least 3 stars for Bruce Hart's shades.


Agreed, nominating this as well. We all knew the match wasn't going to be a wrestling classic or even a brawling classic but it seemed like they went out of their way to book it in a way that deliberately made it worse.

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