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GPW: "Only The Strong Survive" Friday Oct 15th

Mr. Noble

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On Friday October 15th we bring you the event that everyone else in Europe has been too scared to do since we last did it...


Yep, we're doing it again. Get ready for Torneo Cibernetico 2!!


Our 2008 version was highly regarded as one of the best events that year, so we've decided to do it again in 2010!


Those not familiar with the rules, the event will see two teams of 6 with elimination rules imposed throughout, occuring via pinfall, submission, DQ and count out. Individuals in both teams are given a batting order. They are only allowed to tag in and out of this order until the time someone is eliminated and the order changes accordingly until one man remains.


The two teams have been assigned captains, Dirk Feelgood will, for the second time lead a team into the Cibernetico having captained the losing side in 2008. His opposing captin is the man who has his place booked in the GPW Heavyweight Title Tournament, "Dangerous" Damon Leigh. These captains have hand picked the remaining 5 members of their teams, and here's how they line up:


Team Feelgood:

Dirk Feelgood - Capt. / "The Juice" CJ Banks / Heresy / Kastor LeVay / Fox Carter / Cyanide



Dirk Feelgood - Capt.

The Mastermind behind The MasterPlan was in the exact same position Oct 10th 2008 at the first Torneo Cibernetico when he lead his team into battle. Despite lasting until the final two, Feelgood's team were ultimately unsuccesful. He'll be looking to write that wrong in 2010 as he captains a new side into Torneo Cibernetico 2.


"The Juice" CJ Banks

A wise pick by Feelgood. Banks is now the longest reigning GPW British Champion, having held the title for 1 day short of 12 months before the event. Banks has proven he is hard to beat and his skills in the ring will give Team Feelgood an extra dimension, but how far can Banks go?


Fox Carter

His association with Banks makes Carter's selection an easy one. Still in his debut year he has already proven he's a tough opponent to deal with, the experience in teaming with Juice will certainly aid both him and his team.



One half of the reigning tag team champions, Paradise Lost, Heresy competed in the Cibernetico event in 2008 drawing No.1 in the batting order. Teamwork with LeVay and experience in this contest will prove invaluable and don't forget, Heresy has stood victorious at an Only The Strong Survive event before...


Kastor LeVay

The other half of tag team champions, Paradise Lost, Kastor LeVay is certainly the untamed, unpredictable element in the team. His ferrel like behaviour cost him a Rumble win, will it cost him here? Or can LeVay be controlled by his teamates?



A strange choice by Feelgood some might say, but when you've taken into account the list of names Cyanide has destroyed since his singles run, and the time he's destroyed them in, Cyanide's selection could well prove the smartest one out of the five!




Team DDL:

Damon Leigh - Capt. / "Super" Sam Bailey / Danny Hope / El Ligero / Joey Hayes / Martin Kirby


Damon Leigh - Capt.

A roller coaster of a year so far for DDL shows you the staying power he has. He's come back from the edge of adversity to survive, now he leads his team into a battle for survival. Having already competed in this event before, and with the wind in his sails there's no better man to take his team to war.


"Super" Sam Bailey

After their frightening confrontation last month, Sam Bailey wants nothing more than to get his hands on Paradise Lost. His inclusion will give the team a good chance of nullifying the threat of the tag team champs, if he uses his chance at revenge wisely. Bailey also brings history to the team with Banks and how he might be handled. A former tag team champion himself, Bailey has had good runs in Rumbles and CC8's. Can he do it at the Torneo?


Danny Hope

Motivated on a new level for 2010, Danny Hope is a sound choice by DDL. He brings tag team experience and raw determination. An impressive Rumble outing in May also shows that Danny has the ability to survive in this environment. He'll have to forget the troubles last month with teamate Kirby and not let the presence of CJ Banks or Fox Carter detract from his game plan.


El Ligero

Another man who was involved in the 2008 instalment is back and his selection is no surprise for Team DDL. A MOTY performance against Jack Gallagher last month, a draw with then Heavyweight Champion Juggernaut in May, a win in a 4-way in February and a close defeat to Mark Kodiak in August are all reasons why Ligero is currently in one of his hottest GPW years so far. Can anyone stop him?


Joey Hayes

One would assume that close friend and former tag team partner, Joey Hayes' name would've been first on DDL's list when he was named captain. Recent events have seen Joey mark Dirk's cards and has enjoyed pin falls over 3 out of the other 5 on the opposing team. The crowd adore Joey Hayes, can they cheer him on to win this?


Martin Kirby

A raging war against Fox Carter, won by Kirby will fill this team with confidence, so will the fact that Kirby was the stand out star in 2009 and still very much on a roll this year having come mighty close on two shows to taking Juice's British Title away from him. Can Kirby step up to the plate once more?



In addition to the Torneo Cibernetico Main Event...


Bubblegum Exclusive Interview:

The MasterPlan's New Man Speaks!


We wil have an exclusive interview with The MasterPlan's newest member, Bubblegum. Sam Shaw will try and find out his reasons for returning and why he turned his back on fans. Answers not only every GPW fan wants to hear, but answers the wrestling world wants to hear!!


Tag Team Match:

Kraze & Walker vs. Vitamin C


MasterPlan members, Cameron Kraze and Jiggy Walker will team up for the first time and start a tag team campaign against Mike Holmes' Lab creations - Vitamin C. Holmes has promised us wonderful things from his creations, of which we are yet to see. Out of them all, Vitamin C look the most promising, can the duo score a win over Kraze & Walker, or will the MasterPlan come into effect yet again? Their omittance from Dirk's team suggests there's something going on...


Also in action will be: The man who had an incredible outing last month, Jack Gallagher! Also, Bruce Sheila, The Great Suzuki, The Eastern Bloc, The Lab and more!! More information to follow.


Tickets to see the spectacle that is Torneo Cibernetico are only

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Excellent - I'm really looking forward to it.


This will actually be my first GPW show of 2010. Quite incredible, considering I was at just about every single GPW event the last couple of years and GPW was easily my favourite British promotion anywhere in the country over that period. No other promotion anywhere was able to match it in terms of strong, identifiable characters, tremendous overall entertainment and logical booking that EVERYONE could follow month-to-month, giving every single thing that happened on the shows a purpose and meaning that you could understand.


Not missed the 2010 schedule by choice though (just haven't been able to make it across), and am looking forward to quickly catching up with the latest goings on....

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9 days away from what will be another land mark GPW show and i thought i'd throw a couple of more matches into the mix for people to get excited about... here they are!


Free Agent vs. Roster Place

Zac Diamond vs. Jack Gallagher


This is a match you wont want to miss!


In keeping with the theme of the show, this potential MOTN singles match will see only the strong survive. GPW welcome debutant Zac Diamond to the Ballroom as he's given the chance to win his way onto the roster. But first, he'll have to defeat a man who made the wrestling world sit up and take notice last month after a MOTY match against Ligero, - Jack Gallagher. Should Gallagher lose again here, he'll not only lose the match but lose his place on the roster. For those not familiar with Zac Diamond, be prepared to be very impressed. Can Diamond outshine Gallagher here to win his place on the GPW roster? Or can Gallagher secure his spot by defeating Diamond in what is set to be a classic?


Singles Match

Bruce Sheila vs. Prof. Mike Holmes


Prof. Mike Holmes is set to prove a point to his Lab as he attempts to show them exactly how the strong survive, in a singles match against Bruce Sheila. Following The Lab's embarrassing discection when they took on Cyanide last month Prof. Mike has been quick to lead the group by example as he looks for victory in a singles match against resident Aussie, Bruce Sheila. Bruce, despite being in his first year is certainly no push over. He was successful in his feud against The Eastern Bloc earlier this year and was impressive in The Rumble. Will Mike be able to steady the ship with a win, or can Bruce add to the Lab's misery? Who is the strongest? And who will survive?

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I so wish PBW Maximum Impact was not on the following day. I have the chance for free accomodation down that neck of the woods the whole of that weekend. Good luck with the show anyways. :thumbsup:

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Some updates!


just to save any confusion is that section being closed for the footballteam/scouts for this show???

The football team have bought out that section again. They'll be clearly marked as reserved, but your usual place will be intact Cheetah ;)


We've also caught up on the missing "Alive & Amplified" DVD from August and it will be avaialble at the show, we're hoping to have the superb "Friday Night Thriller IV" DVD ready by then too. I'll update when i know more.


We are also all but sold out of the new GPW tshirts, only 4 left!




But we are taking orders for new customers if you want one. PM me your name and size, or get your details plus deposit down on the order form at the show.


V-I-P places still left but going quickly, let's get ready for the penultimate show of the year and let the spectacle that is the main event of Torneo Cibernetico sink in, once again - here it is:


Torneo Cibernetico - Team DDL vs. Team Feelgood









And, not forgetting...


The Bubblegum Interview!

Find out why Bubblegum has returned and why he has turned his back on fans.


Tag Team Match: Jiggy Walker & Cameron Kraze vs. Vitamin C

The MasterPlan takes another step forward as Walker & Kraze come together to challegne Vitamin C in a tag match.


Free Agent vs. Roster Place: Zac Diamond vs. Jack Gallagher

A potential show stealer as Gallagher puts his place on the roster up for grabs against GPW debutant, Zac Diamond.


Singles Match: Bruce Sheila vs. Prof. Mike Holmes

Prof. Mike Holmes takes on Aussie Bruce Sheila in an effort to lead from the front and show his Lab how it's done.


Plus... we will have an update on Voodoo and his injury suffered at the NHB Tag Match in May at "A Few More, Good Men".

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I'm afraid it does :( absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.


At least it'll be at the beginning of Feb, and not the end. More may be added in due course, so plan your holidays, births, deaths and marriages around the below dates:


Fri 4th Feb

Fri 4th Mar

Sat 9th Apr

Sat 14th May

Fri 3rd Jun

Fri 7th Oct

Fri 4th Nov

Fri 2nd Dec

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