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Best Event of 2007


Best Event of 2007  

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As much as I liked Mania, the Rumble and the 15th Anniversary Raw, I'm going with Backlash since I thought it was the most consistent in that it delivered top-to-bottom: The Hardyz/Cade and Murdoch was a nice 15 minute opener that made me think the titles were going to change hands; Melina/Mickie was maybe the best match of their series and probably Mickie's best effort this year; the United States title match between Chris Benoit and MVP was good as you would expect - probably better than their match at WrestleMania, but a step below the one they had on SmackDown!; the World Heavyweight title match with Undertaker/Batista on the other hand wasn't as good as their match at WrestleMania but it was still an entertaining Big Man Contest; I know Vince winning the ECW title pissed some people off but I don't think that match ruined the show; the Fatal Four Way main event was one of the better PPV main events I saw from either WWE or TNA all year. One of the better single-brand shows they've done.

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