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  1. Jon Jones would like a word. The heel who thinks hes incredible and noone else is good enough works really well when he's right, as he can just get cockier and cockier until someone comes along and proves him wrong. Omega should absolutely win this tournament, and should beat hangman to do it, although he should probably be forced to cheat to do so. That should send hangman rock bottom and then his redemption story can begin, culminating in a match with Omega for the title down the line.
  2. No, the most insane thing is he isn't the oldest goalkeeper in the squad.
  3. This board is going to be so disappointed when Roman faces Seth at Mania. I'm rooting for E too, but I have no faith in this company
  4. The maze? It's a lot easier if you I was very pleased with myself when I figured this out then did some googling and realised it's what everyone does.
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