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  1. I do. Been doing it for about 2 and a half years now, got a blue belt that I barely felt I deserved. Mostly find I suck but thats part of the process. The place I train is pretty chill and am lucky to have a coach who is a 4th degree black belt who is just insanely good but also an extremely nice person.

  2. Such a bizarre fight from Sanchez, the cornering was bizarre, very reminiscent of Edmond Tarverdyan, he didn't seem to be able to do anything against Pereira. The DQ sucked and I feel like Diego will have his rep tarnished from it, but having listened to him talk on Helwani's show where he said he wouldn't take the fight if Pereira didn't make weight pretty much told me as soon as it happened that he'd take the win rather than fight on. On the one hand I get it, he was clearly down and was going to lose a decision, so why continue? But it was pretty obvious he could have continued.

  3. 2 hours ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

    Currently quite high on my list of things I can't stand is when you're in the cubicles at work, either doing what you need to do or taking the time to spend a few minutes levelling up Lando's Millennium Falcon on Galaxy Of Heroes, and you hear someone come in, and they open the door of the cubicle next to you.

    There are no other sounds. And then there are. Dear god there are.

    The sound of other people shitting. Right next to you. There are not many things that are worse in the workplace.

    You can't see it, of course, and if you're like me you get the fuck out of there before they're finished because you absolutely cannot know who has been producing these sounds. God, imagine if it's your boss or one of the accounts managers. You'd never be able to look at them the same way.

    Because you have heard them shitting. And there are sounds. So many loud, loud sounds. 

    The plop plop-plop. The brrrrrrr bowelmachinegun. The gaseous air escape. The full on whoopee. 

    Always followed, of course, by a diverse range of splashes as whatever's happening in there hits the water.

    They are making these sounds knowing you are there. Not you, specifically, but they've seen the other cubicle is occupied and someone's going to hear this shitty cacophony. 

    Maybe this is just what shitting sounds like? Do I sound like this when I shit? I don't think I do. But then, unless the situation's drastic, I'm not going in there knowing there's someone else around. 

    Ploploplop. No, colleagues. No, thank you.

    It's even more insane working in the US. First you have much more visibility into the next door neighbor, for example 99% of the time the stalls are like this:


    Also Americans don't have the same levels of British shame, so they'll happily grunt and groan, unleash loud violent farts and a lot will happily take a phone call while shitting. Worse is that they'll strike up a conversation at the sink because they don't care at all about exiting the stall at the same time.

  4. From a retweet by StewFart PooLards I was reminded of Bruce Forsyth's Generation Game. This meets a lot of the requirements, 1) Hosts name in the title, 2) geometric set design, 3) arms open jesus pose on intro.

    Only thing I'm not too sure is whether Bruce is singing in the theme, certainly not the only vocal but it sounds like he's doubling the vocals to me


  5. 6 hours ago, Devon Malcolm said:

    I called him a fucking Tory cunt as well so I should get some time off. Max is sound.

    Lucky I only have 😍for you. He'll be back. But seriously, I'm interested in this thread actually containing discussion, so one line insult posts can go elsewhere as they add nothing to what has otherwise been a great thread.

  6. On 12/17/2019 at 12:37 AM, Max Power said:

    It was absolutely worthwhile. If anyone is praising Margaret Thatcher then they are completely and definitely getting a 'fuck off'.

    The damage she caused to my family, friends and the majority of my community is still being felt today - and will be for years to come.

    So once again, he can fuck off.

    Except that I can actually control who gets to post on this forum, so see ya later

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