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  1. Not the most original point, but if I were Khan I'd tell JR to shitcan his podcast. He loses credibility as an announcer when he uses his podcast to bury modern wrestling at seemingly any opportunity. I do like him on AEW, mind.
  2. Let's talk about Daddy Dave. Do you subscribe to the WON and defer absolutely to his superior wisdom? Do you think he's a 'hack' ? I dip in and out of subscribing and am somewhere in between. It's usually Alvarez, not Meltzer, that pushes me away for extended periods. He has to have the worst instincts of anybody covering wrestling. I haven't been been a subscriber in over a year, I reckon. I think Meltzer is a good sort on the whole and not malicious in his reporting, just clumsy. The flack he got for Saudi-gate was unfair. WON does have the best wrestling forum on the internet, no offence.
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