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  1. 33 minutes ago, tiger_rick said:

    I love a good monologue. I think for all the laughs and the pratfalls and broken chandeliers, my favourite bit of Only Fools And Horses is either Grandad's "heroes fit for homes" monologue about the first world war or Delboy's brilliant "How could you get over it so easily?" in the Grandad's funeral episode.

    I rewatched the Shelter episode on Netflix recently and I'd forgot just how brilliant Grandad is during that speech. Surprisingly they also left in the paki shop joke.

  2. Question about The Mandalorian;

    Do I need much Star Wars knowledge to get it? Or can I jump in pretty cold?

    For clarity, I've only ever watched the films once (except Force Awakens which I've watched twice, and Rise of Skywalker which I've not watched at all), and I'm not really a massive fan of them outside Force Awakens, Solo and TLJ which I thought were ace. Not that keen on the original trilogy and thought the prequels were garbage. 

    So I don't really have much knowledge of the universe at all, so will this impact Mandalorian? I can't be arsed watching it if I need to google a load of plot.

  3. I didn't mind the Brodie Lee stuff and looking forwards to seeing where it goes.

    Matt Hardy though. Fucking hell he is shit. My old man walked in the room during his promo and I wished I had a gay porn on instead. This Broken stuff has always been fucking embarassing and I've got no faith in AEW, whose management consists of Hardy Boyz marks, to rein Matt in. Inner Circle vs Elite is a blood feud and Matt being tacked on just doesn't fit at all. Rubbish.

  4. Anyone played COD: Warzone? I've not played a Call of Duty game since the original Modern Warfare but saw Warzone was free-to-play and thought I'd give it a go.

    I'm shit. Every other player just seems faster, has better aim and knows what they're doing whereas I'm running around like a headless chicken getting sniped everytime I pop my head out a door.

    The best I've done is come 27th and that was only because I nicked a jeep and sped off everytime there was a bit of trouble. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Yakashi said:

    It annoys me (on a small level) at the same level as it would if Brock had to do it with Zack Ryder. It’s not just that she’s a woman.

    What about when world champ Triple H used to bump his arse off for scrubs like Taka Michinoku? or when John Cena did his US title open challenge and was going 20-minutes every week and trading nearfalls with people nowhere near his level? Or a few weeks back when comedy act Orange Cassidy took super-serious athlete Pac to the limit?

    You're talking shite.

  6. I thought my area had been mostly unaffected. I don't know anyone who has it or even had symptoms, shops haven't been ransacked yet and no businesses/schools have closed. It just seemed to be business as usual.

    Then I got to work this morning and was told we're likely being made redundant by the end of this month.

    It's not entirely down to the virus (Brexit uncertainty and the shit weather have a lot to do with it), but it's making me take this thing a shit-ton more seriously now.

  7. In all seriousness, it would've made more sense to do this match around the time of Full Gear when Cody was feuding with Jericho and Santana & Ortiz were feuding with Young Bucks. Dustin, Darby Allin and Moxley have all been taken out, injured by and feuded with Inner Circle lately so those three seem like a more obvious fit than the five Elite lads.

  8. 7 minutes ago, DavidB6937 said:

    There's this whole weird section of wrestling Twitter that is moaning about the main event. And that Liv Morgan deserves better. Does she though? I don't know when some people decided she was worth the time but no one gave a shit when she was on TV before. It's weird.

    Like Alexa Bliss, Liv seems to have a huge online fandom which crosses the line into creepy obsession.

  9. 22 minutes ago, Sheffbag said:

    Just for the sheer fact that it had 1 non wrestler, 1 debuting, 1 totally knackered person who shouldn't be anywhere near a ring and a part time guy the mixed tag from WM with Angle/Rousey vs Trips/Steph was nothing short of amazing.


    I'll second this, it was incredible. I was watching Pac vs Orange Cassidy last weekend and was wondering what was the last match that had me grinning to that extent, and I'm pretty sure it was watching Triple H selling his arse off for Rousey. Brilliant match.

  10. 28 minutes ago, The British Bushwacker said:

    No idea if he can still go after his various arse rippings etc, but xpac/zayn would surely be a fun little tv match

    They had some crackers on the indies back when Zayn was still El Generico.

  11. 6 hours ago, Mr Butternut Squash said:

    Don’t think I ever want to see Chuck Taylor in another competitive singles match.


    Yeah, that was my only issue with this week's show. I enjoyed his early PWG stuff but not seen anything of him in around 10 years, but now he always looks blown out of his arse 2 minutes into any match.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Uncle Zeb said:

    If you want a Wii game that'll drive you mad playing it but to hysterics watching someone else, try Mercury Meltdown Revolution.

    I had one of those Mercury games on the PSP and they were fucking infuriating, but insanely addictive.

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