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  1. I know this is a longshot, but did anyone tape WCW on ITV back in the day? Do you still have the tapes, perhaps you converted them to DVD? This'll sound strange, but there's one particular episode of WCW Pro (at least, it aired with the WCW Pro graphics - may have been an international version) that aired late one night. I taped it, it was from June 91, though it may have been a year or so later that I actually taped it (odd I know). It started with a woman introducing that nights TV lineup, it was part of ITV Night Time (and as the cat pictured crawled across the screen, she said "Now, how about those wrestlers?") El Gigante was bald after previously having his head shaved by One Man Gang and Sullivan, and it had a segment with Nikita Koloff in the ring and the crowd chating "We want Sting". Also distinctly remember the Freebirds wrestling Dustin Rhodes and someone else. Anyway, this was taped on the end of a tape of Beetlejuice, I borrowed it to a friend of a friend who had never seen WCW and I never saw it again. I'd love to get this recording, as much of a longshot as it is.
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