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  1. With that 'Brock Lesnar Fan' guy surely it's not the same t-shirt from 2012 that he always seems to wear? I just don't get why these people think they are some kind of big deal, its baffling.
  2. I do love a bit of Kayla Braxton, she's another who seem to be getting harassed by stalkers and what not lately in America.
  3. They are in Jacksonville for 261 in 2 weeks then in Houston for 262. I think the plan for next Vegas event is 264 (McGregor vs Poirier) on July 10th.
  4. Yeah I seen that aswell haha, do America celebrate April Fools all day unlike here which ends at 12pm normally? It does seem a bit suspect that its happened so quick.
  5. Ohh decent, the next few months look exciting on the UFC front then. Still waiting on the Nate Diaz return but yeah seems like the usual bullshit chat to get some news when Conor/DP 2 was happening.
  6. Anyone catch Dana on the post fight presser say Derrick Lewis next is the fight to make? I'm guessing he's either baiting Jon Jones or something has happened with that fight. He also mentioned wanting to Conor vs DP 3 in Vegas on the July 10th PPV (264?) with Gaethje maybe as a backup.
  7. Ngannou is a bad bad man. He looked fantastic compared to the first fight, poor Stipe.
  8. I'm probably going to stay up and watch it live with it being a 2am start, excellent stuff.
  9. No chance unless they replace Shawn Spears with someone, he looks terrible and out of place.
  10. It's the Joy Division shirt, do you reckon he's ever listened to them?
  11. I know Total Bellas/Divas is on over here and there's a couple of people I know that have told me they enjoy watching it but think WWE is shite.
  12. When did Kurt Angle get inducted into the HOF, was it 2017? More to the point who's the biggest names not actually in it? Just Undertaker, Rock, Triple H, Cena?
  13. Well Jordan Vucenic got the win, I think he might have edged it overall but it was a very close call. Jordan just started off so well and gain confidence from that but Morgan never got going for so long, the French fans are losing their minds on twitter though.
  14. Yeah I've seen he's got a large following of French fans but its MMA so you never fully know what's going to happen.
  15. That Jordan Vucenic is from my town so I'm hoping he gets the win tonight. His last fight to get the title match was a bit of 50/50 so I'm not sure he's got enough to win the title just yet but I'm pulling for him. Just a shame there's no fans because I'm sure he'd get a few thousand going to see him.
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