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  1. We've got a booking to go to Tampa Bay for some r+r in August, and then we're going over to the UK to see my parents for the first time since 2018, staying at a farmhouse just outside of Kendal. Never been to the lake district, looking forward to it.

    Next November, we're having a "our finances have never been this good, fuck it" blow out massive holiday at Disneyworld. Staying in one of the fancy hotels, getting the top grub ticket, special ride passes. Going to owe everything to the Mouse.

  2. My work has been doing me in recently - looking at a massive increase of books in production with the same headcount, and the senior production manager left, so a couple of us have also been covering his work. Either I get a promotion, or have the extra responsibilities taken away, or I am O-F-F ski.

  3. I installed my own AC in the bedroom and living room, it's a piece of piss if you do the prep work. I did have to buy a hammer drill to put support brackets in the brickwork on the front of the building, I think it's technically illegal to have unsupported AC over the sidewalk. Other than that, I just closed the window on it, and installed a couple of cupboard tension rods to hold the window shut no matter what.

    It's NYC, so occasionally I have to open the window and tip out pints of fetid water, but other than that, the air in here is bliss.

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