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  1. Micky Fitz of The Business passed this weekend .
  2. UKFF username: Wolfvinson Sporcle username:Wolfvinson Your three favourite subjects: Punk Rock, Splatter Films, Cartoons of the 1970's-80's
  3. WTF?
  4. Aftershow is worth a flick through. Good Bayley interview Ebb, try desirulez on a google
  5. Let him stay. Nobs make for entertainment
  6. Coming Of Age was fucking hilarious. You're all too young to appreciate what it took the piss out of.
  7. Round of applause! Was there any need for that? I agree that Ace should get in
  8. Short of . Cave has never impressed
  9. Yes! & No! I love to hate the prick! He does his job well as a "sports entertainer", he's top 5 in the world in that game. His wrestling is rather suspect at times, but he always delivers the emotive side against guys I'm 101% behind
  10. Could it be possible that some us hate Cena for the character he portrays? That's why I hate him. Horrible USA #1 type
  11. The Toy Dolls this wednesday. I went to my first gig in 1981, been to 1,000's since then but The Dolls are my favourite live band ever
  12. Toy Dolls - Immoral Mollie
  13. I proudly wear fake Converse these days. Proper ones are made by Nike
  14. It's fucking terrible! Pop-punk? Descendents, Zatopeks,Briefs, Modern Pets, Fast Cars, Buzzcocks........I could go on. The only thing on that travesty that could come near punk is Less Than Jake
  15. My pleasure. And if you haven't already seen it, here is what I found to be a really cool documentary on the guy. Hated's great, i bought that on VHS from Forbidden Planet about 15 years ago, i couldn't believe what i was seeing. Bit of trivia i only found out recently, the documentary is directed by Todd Phillips, who went on to direct The Hangover. I imported it as a pre-release. I also have all the shows from that tour on VHS. Merle (GG's brother) has a stonkong collection.