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Best British Match of 2006


The Best British Match of 2006?  

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Voting for the Best British Match of 2006 As suggested by Lister and UK Hat Guy, this category covers the British pro-wrestling scene, so I've taken the decision that Nigel McGuiness vs. Bryan Danielson, etc do not count. Apologies for not thinking of this before nominations started. Discussion allowed.

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While the first IPW:UK match on the list is not yet released on DVD, the second (Spud vs. Jack Storm, No Escape) certainly is, right here. This match is also currently leading the IPW:UK match of the year voting on our official forum, which is amazing for a match which a lot of our newer fans will never have seen, as it was in JANUARY of this year.


Anybody who saw the great Spud/Jack match from SAS on RQW's show on TWC Fight, check this one out. Now on special offer of a 20% discount, this week only!


Wouldn't it be awesome to get a DVD made up compiling all 10 of these matches?!

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