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Recieved 'Steel cage warfare' this morning and watched it already so some thought's.The main event was totally awesome. It was one of those matches that after i'd finished watching it , i had a massive smile on my face. M.V.P in my opinion was Alex Shelley. Until this match i've never really seen the appeal in Shelley but he ruled here. He was the total heel and was being a dick at every opportunity. Yes he was'nt as spectacular as other's but he carried the match during the slow period's. Abyss was awesome as well . The way he would continuosly do the hand gesture if one of he's team mate's looked at him was a cool touch. Show's another side to the charachter rather than being just a 'monster'.By the way i dont want to ruin the match so all i'll say is there is a must see moment for any 'spot monkey' fan's out there.The undercard was good to average in my opinion. Danielson against Romero was excellant but seemed to finish too soon for me. It kinda felt out of the blue. Homicide/Corino was ok for what it was but not my cup of tea. Way too many weapon's for my liking, although that may not have been there fault as im sure this was the match Homicide did he's shoulder in. Sal Rinauro looked way out of he's depth to me , although he has looked that way everytime i've seen him to be fair. Mamaluke look's just to fucking small to be fighting these guy's in the manner he does. Cabana and Milano ruled though so i was happy.Jay lethal is the most fucking average wrestler i think i have ever seen. He just inspire's total apathy from me in everyway. Sorry i cant see the appeal.That's all i really have to say about that show . Overall though i did enjoy it. Money well spent i think.

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Might be a work? Of course it's a bloody work. 

I heard that Steve Austin and Mike Tyson angle from 98 may have had a hint of pre-planning in it. I hope not, like.

He still sleeps with one eye open though. Gripping his pillow tight. 

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I thought this would be just some quick thoughts, but it turned into this...




This is the second ROH show of 2006, from Dayton, Ohio on January 27. The main features are the 2006 Trios Tournament, which this year has only 4 teams instead of last years 8, and an ROH Tag Team Title match with new champions Austin Aries and Roderick Strong defending against World Champion Bryan Danielson and Jay Lethal.


There's some quick pre-show promos with Danielson and Lethal, and The Embassy (with the Haze~!). Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave both talk about going for the ROH World Title.


Trios Tournament semi final - Matt Sydal and Jack Evans of Generation Next and Jimmy Yang vs Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer of Lacey's Angels and Adam Pearce


Odd teams aside, as both factions have to look to unfamiliar partners to round out their teams, this is a good sprint opener with a natural face vs heel dynamic. Melee to start. There's a fairly long mid-match isolation of Sydal which isn't particularly interesting, but the closing stages are hot, reminiscent of Whitmer and Jacobs vs Evans and Roderick Strong at Manhattan Mayhem. Three pinfall attempts aren't counted due to legal man issues, Lacey tries to interfere and Evans goes after her, which distracts Jimmy Jacobs who has fallen in love with her. Yes, really. Jacobs is then pinned after Sydal's here it is driver (pump handle half nelson michinoku driver) into a 630 splash by Evans. The crowd erupts into an ROH chant for the finish.


Trios Tournament semi final - The Embassy (Alex Shelley, Abyss and Jimmy Rave) vs Tony Mamaluke, Sal Rinauro and Jay Fury


The Embassy is showered with toilet paper on their entrance as usual. Mamaluke doesn't do the bizarre heel things he often does which combined with natural faces in peril in Rinauro and Fury make the dynamic of the match better. Fury is from FIP and other florida promotions, and looks pretty good. Rave and Shelley are MUCH more interesting heels than Lacey's Angels in the previous match, and the use of Abyss in short bursts is perfect as he comes in, destroys everything in his path and tags out. Shelley pins Fury after Sliced Bread #2, which he has supposedly learned from Spanky to help him challenge Bryan Danielson. Probably a better match that the first, but without the crazy, crowd popping finish, it's perhaps not quite as memorable, if you see what I mean.


We then get clips of the Homicide vs Colt Cabana feud with a voiceover from Jim Cornette saying that due to their unprofessional attacks on each other, they are off this show and 'Dissension' the next night as a cooling off period.


Claudio Castagnoli vs Chad Collyer, followed by

Ace Steel vs Sterling Keenan


I'm going to cover these two matches in one go as they're part of a bigger angle. They are in part to build up to Claudio and Ace vs Collyer and Nigel McGuinness the next night, but that isn't it.


Neither match is particularly eventful - in the first, Chad Collyer works over Claudio's arm in uneventful fashion. Everything is somewhat slow motion, and as Claudio starts to make a comeback, Collyer goes for a chair, which draws out Ace Steel who is looking for revenge for Chad busting him open at Punk: The Final Chapter (it's a feud limited to the midwest shows, hence it feels drawn out). Ace grabs the chair and they do a tug of war, leading to Claudio scoring a three count off a roll-up.


Then, Ace grabs the mic, insults Collyer a bit and calls out his opponent, and he and Sterling Keenan have an even slower match that really goes nowhere. Of course that's probably the idea - as Chris Hero and Necro Butcher have been in the crowd since the previous match, chanting "boring", "do something" and generally heckling to further the CZW/ROH angle. The commentators (Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard) try to ignore them, but the minute they mention Hero and Necro by name, they are magically joined by Jimmy Bower (Gabe's commentating alter ego) and told not to mention them, because in the bizarre modern kayfabe of ROH, that makes it all seem more real (which is both really good and really bad all at once).


Of course, it's all for nothing as Ace and Keenan eventually stop wrestling altogether, and Ace grabs the mic and starts badmouthing the CZWers. Hero and Necro then come to the front row and jump to ringside, at which point Gabe spazzes out on commentary, and the locker room empties to get rid of them. The chaos of the entire ROH staff ejecting the CZW two takes an interesting twist as they go through the backstage area and we find Jim Cornette bleeding from the mouth having been blindsided by a mystery attacker. Cornette has a backstage shouting match with Gabe (who barely makes the camera shot as he's never before put himself in an angle like this, and by not actively being on camera makes it more realistic as he shouts "They're Not Booked!" at a furious Cornette) then Cornette comes to the ring to cut a scathing promo on the hardcore style, but says ROH will win 'in a fight'.


From there we go to intermission while they sort out the chaos, and Dave Prazak is with Generation Next. Aries and Strong have a go at Sydal for agreeing at Hell Freezes Over to team with AJ Styles to go for the tag titles in the future. Prazak looks for Sydal's response but Evans takes Sydal to prepare for the final of the Trios Tourney. We then get clips of Bryan Danielson vs AJ Styles from Main Event Spectacles in 2003 with a voiceover explaining that Danielson has offered Styles a title shot the next night, as Danielson has lost their 2 previous ROH encounters and wants to prove he can beat Styles.


Nigel McGuinness vs Delirious


This match can also be viewed for free (without commentary) at ROHvideos.com. Nigel's Pure Title is not on the line. Delirious does his comedy schtick, then it settles into a reasonable match with Delirious getting plenty of offense but losing in the end to the Tower of London. Entertaining post-intermission match.


Grudge Match: Christopher Daniels vs Low Ki


This was supposed to be the first of two Daniels vs Samoa Joe matches but Joe was sidelined with a staph infection, so instead we get a rematch from the second ROH show, Round Robin Challenge. It's a sign of ROH's success that they can go back to a feud from 2002 and the majority of fans understand the significance of the match, and later the post match angle. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.


The match itself is really good. The ring entrances give it a big time feel. Daniels (with Allison Danger in her nuns outfit) is definitely better off from being a face, and Low Ki is obviously great in his gangsta persona. What I liked the most about the match is the knowledge work - both men know each others finishers and also their smaller trademark moves, so unlike say Matt Sydal vs AJ Styles at the previous show where everything was showy and super smooth (which isn't necessarily bad, just different), here both men have to work like hell for their advantages, and lots of moves are avoided or countered. It also means neither man get an extended advantage for too long, and it's even reflected in the finish, as Low Ki counters the Angel's Wings with a back body drop into a bridge for a quick three count.


The match isn't perfect or MOTYC or anything, (hate duelling chants? stay away) but the average fan should get plenty of enjoyment out of it.


Post match, Daniels grabs the mic, and talks through his history with ROH and Ki specifically, turning down his handshake after the three way main event of the first show, then Daniels disappearance from ROH and how he fought to get back into ROH. He talks about how he hasn't had the success he envisioned on his return, and how the battle to return to ROH made him see that he has changed... and Daniels offers Ki his hand in respect to the man that pinned him(!). Ki's response is to note how history sometimes comes full circle... and walks out without shaking his hand. Interesting angle, that might have led to Daniels and Ki teaming up at least once if it wasn't for Ki falling out with ROH management again the week later :angry:


Trios Tournament Final


Another toilet paper shower for The Embassy's entrance. Amusingly, encouragement from Alex Shelley sees Abyss (eventually) join in on Rave's throwing the toilet paper back into the crowd, then applauding himself for 'getting it'. The announcers note this is the first time that Matt Sydal and Daizee Haze have been involved in the same match since she turned on Gen Next at Vendetta, but little comes of it. The two Jimmys (Yang and Rave) have some good interaction at the beginning. Yang, Evans and Sydal control early but then Sydal gets isolated (again), this time in a much more interesting manner than the semi final. Shelley and Rave are such a good heel team. Yang gets the hot tag and cleans house until Abyss (naturally) cuts him off. The Embassy control some more, then Evans makes the hot tag and the final stretch begins.


Even triple teaming doesn't work very well against Abyss, and Abyss then teases a dive, and Shelley stops that by blind tagging in, and Abyss teases a face turn (to a big reaction). Shelley manages to beg off until Sydal dropkicks Shelley into Abyss, and there's a crazy exchange of moves by everyone until Evans misses the 630 and falls victim to a superkick and sliced bread #2 from Shelley, then Rave steals the win by hitting the Greetings from Ghana (Pedigree) on Evans for the pin.


Overall, this year's Trios Tournament was more fun than last year's with no burnout from an overload of hot tag spots, three solid matches and plenty of places to go with The Embassy's victory, with Shelley and Rave teasing dissension.


ROH Tag Team Title Match

Austin Aries and Roderick Strong vs Bryan Danielson and Jay Lethal


Wow, this is a fantastic main event. Once again, the ring entrances give it a real big match feel. Danielson and Lethal embrace every pure heel trait ever, and even manage to outdo Shelley and Rave for shenanigans. Lethal is wearing ridiculous sunglasses for starters. We get some brief clips of Danielson vs Strong at This Means War and Vendetta, then Danielson slaps Strong at the pre-match handshake, and they lock up... only for Danielson to chop Strong once and immediately tag out. Lethal then freaks out when Strong messes with his hair(!), then kicks Strong in the shin and high-fives Danielson, and Strong punishes him with one backbreaker and one chop.


And so it goes on, until Strong is finally doubleteamed with Lethal taking advantage of Samoa Joe's abscence due to injury by stealing the bootscrapes and ole ole kick, and also riling up Aries by stealing his powerdrive elbowdrop. Danielson rakes Strong in the face and chokes in the ropes, repeatedly doing the "I've got til five referee" stuff. Danielson and Lethal then do some bodyslam-tag-bodyslam-tag stuff, until Strong escapes and starts throwing chops until he is double teamed some more. Aries gets a hot tag, then he and Strong steal Danielson's airplane spin (doing a few rotations each with tags inbetween!). Aries then gets his turn as the face in peril, until Danielson and Lethal pay for their cockiness when they take too long on stereo diving headbutts.


Finally, Strong survives Danielson's back superplex and Cattle Mutilation, and keeps himself out of the crossface chickenwing, and while Aries keeps Lethal at bay, Strong hits a series of big moves in the firemans carry gutbuster, two big boots, a tiger driver for a two count, the half nelson backbreaker then goes to the stronghold, and Danielson taps out. Strong grabs the mic and notes Danielson now owes him a title shot, which is currently scheduled for March 31 (this friday) in Chicago.


Great match, probably the best match across the two shows so far in 2006.


Backstage, BJ Whitmer confronts Jimmy Jacobs over his lack of focus and Lacey over something she said on the Buffalo Stampede DVD, but they are unified at least into their tag title shot tomorrow night at Dissension.


Finally, Dave Prazak catches up with Matt Sydal and asks him for his response to Aries and Strong's suggestion that he pulls out of teaming with AJ Styles. Sydal says he's never backed out of a match before, but he will make some calls and sleep on it. Tune into Dissension to find out his response...


I love ROH's show to show storytelling.


Anyway, I ended up spending hours on this, too tired to write much more. It's a good show overall, though the middle drags a bit. Great main event though.

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Nice review Gadge. I’ll be putting my own up at the weekend, recently got that show, as well as Dissension and Unscripted 2.ROH Results from last night…

Pre-Show Matches:Mitch Franklin pins Derek Dempsey in a Four Corner Survival featuring Smash Bradley and Bobby Dempsey.Lacey & Tiana Ringer defeat Allison Danger & Shantelle Taylor in a Tag Team SHIMMER match.ROH vs Dragon Gate Challenge SeriesHomicide defeats Colt Cabana in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Homicide laid out Cabana, put his head between two legs of a ladder, and "stomped the sh*t" out of Cabana's head. Ricky Reyes upsets Chad Collyer with the dragon sleeper. BJ Whitmer pins Jimmy Jacobs after a lariat. During the match, a seemingly purposeful and worked botch occured while BJ had Jimmy on the top rope. They brawled in the middle of the ring afterward. Jacobs refused to shake Whitmer's hand. Whitmer also claimed Hero & The Necro Butcher were in the building.Ryo Saito defeats Jimmy Yang.ROH & KENTA Return to Detroit on June 23.Jimmy Rave & Alex Shelley defeat Bryan Danielson & Delirious. Delirious was pinned.INTERMISSION - Crowd estimate: Between 400-450Claudio Castagnoli defeats Shane Hagadorn. After the match, Chris Hero enters the ring and bashes Claudio for turning his back on CZW. BJ Whitmer rushes to the ring, but is beaten down by Hero & The Necro Butcher. Claudio then proves his ROH loyalty again by coming to the aid of BJ Whitmer.AJ Styles & Matt Sydal defeat Dragon Kid & Genki Horiguchi. Styles pins Dragon Kid with the Styles Clash.Blood Generation (CIMA, Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino) defeats Generation Next (Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Jack Evans). CIMA pinned Jack Evans. The last 8 minutes were described to me as being "absolutely insane, some of the best stuff ever."Christopher Daniels defeats Samoa Joe in a Grudge Match. Christopher Daniels came to the ring as TNA X-Division Champion. Joe & Daniels are brawling all over the entrance way and have yet to make the ring. Daniels pins Joe...Hero & Necro come out and stare down Daniels while Joe is on the outside. Joe gets back in the ring, and a huge brawl begins. Hero & Necro are eventually kicked out of the building. Joe declares war between CZW and ROH.

Apparently a very good show, I imagine in large part due to the awesome Dragon Gate guys. Common consensus puts Gen Next Vs Blood Gen as MOTN. This particulary amused me…

Daniels came out to his music and stood at the top of the entrance ramp for a second until the music changed to "The Champ Is Here" and he took off his robe to show the X-Title he had around his waist.

Been waiting for someone to do that to Joe for ages…
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Woah, that's hilarious. Delirious was pinned :( He needs a pinfall this weekend or else he's being 'dropped from the roster'. Can't wait to see the Dragon Gate matches. Interesting to see KENTA in the midwest - the next Detroit show is on a friday so it should draw better (though 400-450 is good for a thursday night).

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Woah, that's hilarious. Delirious was pinned :( He needs a pinfall this weekend or else he's being 'dropped from the roster'. Can't wait to see the Dragon Gate matches. Interesting to see KENTA in the midwest - the next Detroit show is on a friday so it should draw better (though 400-450 is good for a thursday night).

I wonder if KENTA will get a title shot against AmDrag? Or maybe one on one with Joe? Either match would be big DVD sales methinks.I’m sure Delirious will get a win this weekend, and the pop will be huge. He’s too over to drop from the roster whilst keeping on Sterling James Keenan, surely?I’m well up for those Dragon Gate matches. Not too sure about the Sydal/Styles one, although I can watch anything with Genki in, but the six man sounds great and Yang/Ryo just has to be good.Any ideas on the stipulation for the last Homicide/Cabana match on Saturday? I’m convinced it’ll be Loser Leaves ROH…
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Oh, I see..... based on Homicide's increasing role in TNA and the 'amicable split' with Jay Lethal...That'll be the end of The Rottweilers if Homicide were to go, then.

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From reading the DVDVR board, it seems Joe cut “The promo of his life” flipping out on CZW and warning them ROH’s big guns where ready to get involved in the war. He also called Zandig a fat, useless piece of shit, so that proves his eye sight wasn’t permanently damaged in Ultimate X...

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That show sounds great. Can't wait to see the dragon gate six man. The reviews on DVDVR are full of praise so well worth watching hopefully.Two thing's. I cant wait to see Joe beat the shit out of Czw .Please give Colt a win over Homicide!!!Seriously i cant really afford ROH dvd's at the moment but these two fueds make me desperate to keep up with it.

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What DVD should I get...Steel Cage WarfareorFinal Battle 2005???

Final Battle.Last nights results -

1. Samoa Joe & Adam Pearce DEFEATED two ROH students in 1:32.2. FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL - Ricky Reyes DEFEATED Delirious, Flash Flanagan, & Shane Hagadorn when Reyes made Delirious tap.3. Jimmy Rave & Alex Shelley DEFEATED Jimmy Yang & Claudio Castagnoli when Rave pinned Castagnoli.- Chris Hero has the mic...He claims war on Claudio.4. FIRST BLOOD MATCH - Ace Steel DEFEATED Chad Collyer when Steel hit Collyer with a tombstone piledriver on a metal ROH sign.5. A.J. Styles & Matt Sydal DEFEATED Austin Aries & Jack Evans when Sydal pinned Evans after a SSP.- ROH and KENTA return to Chicago on June 24th.6. Do Fixer of Dragon Kid, Genki Horiguchi, & Ryo Saito DEFEATED Blood Generation of CIMA, Nauki Doi, & Masato Yoshino when Kid pinned Doi in what rjmc described as "AMAZING!!!".INTERMISSION7. SHIMMER SIX WOMAN MAYHEM - MisChif DEFEATED Daizee Haze, Allison Danger, Cheerleader Melissa, Lacey, & Rain.8. Homicide DEFEATED Mitch Franklin.- Colt Cabana has arrived...We thought FWH was on, but Homicide just destroyed Cabana.- Chris Hero & Necro Butcher are invading...Adam Pearce & Claudio Castagnoli attack...Huge Brawl...Jim Cornette attacks Butcher with a bat...Samoa Joe runs off Hero...Joe calls out Christopher Daniels...Daniels answers...Jimmy Jacobs comes out.9. Samao Joe DEFEATED Jimmy Jacobs & Christopher Daniels when he choked out Jacobs.10. Bryan Danielson DEFEATED Roderick Strong to retain the ROH World Title with a rollup in 56:02.

Wow, 56 minute main event...BJ Whitmer injured his ankle the night before so couldn't wrestle...Delirious has one more chance tonight...Hooray for having Flash Flanagan on the roster...
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Guest Ice Chiller

Good to hear the Dragon Gate stuff went down well. Not that surpised, really, but I was pretty disappointed with CIMA's match last time round.Anyone know when they usually release the videos?

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