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Hulk Hogan and Titus O'Neil to host Wrestlemania


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I know there's almost certainly going to be a Wrestlemania thread, but I feel this almost parody like announcement merits discussion. 

It's jaw-droppingly brazen, and almost feels like they wanted Hogan to host it, someone pointed out that would be controversial, and the most insane of solutions wound up being proposed. 

The fact that a major company feels comfortable having a man who literally said he was "racist, to some degree" - even if he is Hulk Hogan (which matters less and less each passing year) - host their biggest event of the year period, let alone give him an opportunity to say "see, I'm not racist!" paints a nasty picture of attitudes within that company. 

As a white man, it feels inappropriate for me to comment on certain elements of this, but I feel so sorry for any Black employee who feels uncomfortable with this, but unable to say. 

EDIT: I see that @Supremo has pipped me to the post by posting a standalone Wrestlemania thread - mods, feel free close this if you feel discussion on this particular matter belongs there. 

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