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Every cloud...

John Matrix

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The telly in our bedroom went pop on Saturday afternoon, I can't begin to describe what a disaster that is, suffice to say that those of you with kids will know exactly what I'm talking about on a Saturday morning.

I think it speaks volumes that there's a flat packĀ bookcase in the boys room, still in theĀ packaging amidst piles of books,Ā it's been there for over a month now because I've barely had a minute to put it togetherĀ Ā and yet the telly goes on the blink and I'm waking everyone up at 6am to go to Dixons.

Despite being absolutely brassic right now, with literally an infinite number of things I ought to be spending Ā£170 on, we went for a smart TV which meant I spent last night working as I finally got around to starting Cobra Kai S2, and what's more, I discovered that All 4 has the entire Whose Line is it Anyway back catalogue on there, which means I'll be spending my evenings wanking myself down to a bloody stump instead of getting any work done.

So yeah, every cloud...

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