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UKFF British and Irish Wrestling Hall of Fame 2019 Stage Two - The Finalist


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Thank you everyone who voted in Stage One!!


For Stage Two I am asking for you to select just 10 names from the list of 24 below.


These 10 names will be your vote to be inducted into the Third Class of the UKFF British and Irish Wrestling Hall of Fame.


So if you wish to vote PM me your 10 names no later than 23:59 on 24th February 


By the end of Stage Two I hope to have 10 names who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame but this number is flexible based on the votes received. 


 So without further ado here are the 24 finalists for the Third Annual UKFF British and Irish Wrestling Hall of Fame


Alan Kilby


 English Wrestler, 5 times British Heavy Middleweight Champion, 5 time British Light Heavyweight champion. Wrestled from 1960s-2000s. Remarkable due to the fact he was deaf.*Finalist in 2018


Alfred Hayes



English Wrestler, wrestled as Judo Al Hayes. Wrestled in UK from 1950s-1970s before relocating to America. Defeated NWA World Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk Jr but decision was reversed. After retirement became a manager before becoming a backstage interviewer, host and commentator for the WWF during the 1980s boom period. First Brit inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame *Finalist in 2018


Bill Dundee


Scottish born wrestler, moved to Australia at a young age. Started wrestling in Australia in 1962 before relocating to the United States in 1974. Became a huge star in Memphis Wrestling due to his ongoing feuds with Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Valiant. Held multiple titles through the United States. Acclaimed booker of wrestling in Memphis, Louisiana and Georgia.*Finalist in 2018




English wrestler whose gimmick was based off the television show of the same name. Was a more defined gimmick in an era where most wrestlers wore boots and tights. Well loved by the fans, his act included licking his lucky toad. *First Year Finalist


Chris Adams


English wrestler, known as The Gentleman. Won British Commonweath Tag Titles and British Light Heavyweight title before heading stateside in 1981 where he won multiple titles in multiple territories. Most notable run was in WCCW where he was NWA American Heavyweight Champion 4 times and feuded with The Von Erichs. Trained Stone Cold Steve Austin for the ring. *Finalist in 2018


Clive Myers


Turned pro in 1970. Former amateur wrestler and weightlifter. Known for his acrobatic style. Was made the Welterweight Champion of the West Indies. Known as Iron Fist. The finish to his match with Mick McManus on World of Sport is legendary and is often spoken about by those who witness it. Was a top challenger in multiple weight classes. *First Year Finalist


Danny Boy Collins


English Wrestler, Made his pro debut in 1983, captured the British Welterweight title in 1984 winning the European Welterweight title the following year. After the World of Sport years captured Fit Finlay’s British Heavy Middleweight title for his first reign and defeating Owen Hart for his second run. Heel turn in 1994 changed his character. Still regularly wrestles across the UK. *First Year Finalist


Dave Taylor


English wrestler, made his debut in 1978. After joining All Star made his first World of Sport television appearance in 1987. Defeated Fit Finlay for the All-Star British Heavyweight Title in 1991 holding the title until 1993. Reclaimed the title following a tournament win in 1995. 2x CWA Tag Team Champion. Signed with WCW in 1995 where he formed the Blue Bloods stable with Steven Regal and Bobby Eaton. Worked as a trainer in Ohio Valley Wrestling for WWE. Became an onscreen talent for WWE in 2006 often challenging for the tag titles with Regal.*Finalist in 2018


Drew McDonald


Scottish wrestler, Began working in England in 1984 for Joint Promotions becoming a main stay on the World of Sport show feuding with Big Daddy. After World of Sport continued to wrestle across the UK for promotions such as All Star (where he won the British Heavyweight title) and FWA (where he won the tag team titles.) Wrestled well into the 2010s. *Finalist in 2017 & 2018


Jim Breaks


English wrestler, known for his heel tactics. Known as “Cry Baby” to the fans. Turned pro in 1958. Would go on to win the British Light Heavyweight title, British Welterweight title and European Lightweight title. Won the British Middleweight title 5 times. It is believed he won 32 titles in total. *Arrested in 2017 on suspicion of the murder of his ex-partner* *Finalist in 2017 & 2018


Jody Fleisch


Made his debut for NWA UK Hammerlock aged 16. Wrestled for Michinoku Pro Wrestling as Dakko Chan. Won the FWA King of England tournament which aired on Bravo. Won the FWA British Heavyweight title in the main event of the first British Uprising show. Wrestled for ROH and CZW in the United States. Influential in evolving British Wrestling from the World of Sport era. *Finalist in 2017 & 2018


Jonny Storm


English Wrestler, made his debut in 1997. Wrestled as part of the UWA on Live TV. Has wrestled for almost every UK based promotion. Had a series of matches with Jody Fleisch which helped revolutionise the British wrestling scene. Match with Fleisch won American promotion CZW’s match of the year. Also wrestled for TNA and PWG. Was the first and only ever XPW European Champion *Finalist in 2017 & 2018


Johnny Kidd



English Wrestler. Made his debut in 1978. Made his television debut in 1981. Groomed for greatness from the beginning when he was chosen to face names such as Mick McManus, Johnny Saint and Jim Breaks. Continued to practice the British style after the end of WOS. Respect from modern fans led to matches in FWA, LDN, PCW, Progress and Chikara amongst others. *First Year Finalist


Les Kellett


English wrestler. Began wrestling in 1938. Resumed his career following the war. Nominated for ITV Sports Personality of the Year. Known for his comedy tactics in the ring but also his genuine toughness. One of the most popular stars of the World of Sport era. Wrestled into his sixties. Selected to train Jimmy Saville for the ring *Finalist in 2018


Mark Sloan



English wrestler, Founder of the Fratton Wrestling Alliance, later Frontier Wrestling Alliance which would become one of the most talked about British independents of all time. Head trainer at FWA academy. First ever FWA Champion. Holder of FWA All England title. Trainer of Drew McIntyre, Paul Birchall and Katie Lea Birchill among many others. Still valuable on the scene today contributing to Dragon Gate, NOAH, RevPro and Ring of Honor UK shows. *Finalist in 2017 & 2018


Nigel McGuinness




English wrestler. Trained and made his debut in the United States for Heartland Wrestling Association. Won the HWA Tag Team titles in 2001. Made his way to Ring of Honor in 2003. Became the longest reigning ROH Pure Champion in history holding the belt for 350 days. Won the ROH World Championship in September 2007 holding the belt until 3 April 2009, a massive 545 days. Made his way to TNA in 2009 and wrestled a classic against Kurt Angle as well as adding the TNA Tag Team titles to his collection. After injuries forced him from the ring signed with WWE in 2016 as an announcer where he announces NXT, NXT:UK, 205 Live and Main Event. *First Year Finalist


Orig Williams



Welsh wrestler and Promoter. Known as El Bandito. Made his pro debut in the 1950s. Became the top billing UK independent wrestler by the 1960s. Known for his rough in ring style. Promoted gimmick matches on S4C’s Reslo wrestling show which could not be seen on World of Sport. Including cage matches, chain matches and women matches. *Finalist in 2017 & 2018


Pat Roach


English wrestler. Made his debut in 1960. Won the British Heavyweight title and European Heavyweight title on two occasions. Outside of his wrestling career Roach was known for his acting when he landed a featured role in the TV show Auf Wiedersehen Pet which turned him babyface to the wrestling crowds after years of working heel. He also made an impact in film starring in many Stanley Kubrick projects as well as the Indiana Jones films. *Finalist in 2017 & 2018


Ricky Knight


Ricky Knight – English wrestler and promoter. Owner of wrestling promotion WAW. Made his debut in 1985. Held All-Star’s British Heavyweight title and five times British Tag Team champion. Also held heavyweight titles in HEW, Premier Promotions, RDW, W3L and own promotion WAW. Created a wrestling dynasty with wife Sweet Saraya and children Roy and Zak Knight and WWE’s Paige. *Finalist in 2017 & 2018


Sid Cooper


English wrestler, Known for his heelish comedy ways and unforgettable facial expressions. Wrestled in the 1960s-1980s. Formed tag teams with Alan Dennison and Iron Jaw Joe Murphy. Had a long feud with Referee Max Ward. Helped train Tiger Mask. Personal hero of William Regal. *First Year Finalist


Steve Grey


English wrestler, highly respected Lightweight. Made his TV debut in 1971. 7 time British Light Heavyweight Champion. Won the European Light Heavyweight title in 1988. Would win the title a total of four times. Wrestled for the FWA and The Wrestling Channel Supershow in the 2000s. *Finalist in 2018


Sue Brittain



English Wrestling. Known as the first Lady of British Wrestling. Took the Greater London Council to court to remove the ban on Women’s wrestling in public, winning the case opening up the floodgates for wrestlers such as Mitzi Mueller and Klondyke Kate. Held the British Wrestling Alliance almost exclusively from 1970 until her retirement in 1982 having only lost it for 10 days during this period. Death in 2013 was reported upon by multiple news outlets including the BBC who called her the Emmeline Pankhurst of British Wrestling. *First Year Finalist


Sweet Saraya


English wrestler, became involved in the wrestling scene in 1990. Originally making costumes and working ring crew. Later became a manager for Ricky Knight. Made her in ring debut in 1993 under the name Saraya. Wrestled for multiple promotions across the UK including All-Star, WAW and FWA. Winning multiple title along the way. Made her Shimmer debut in 2011. Where she would team with her daughter the future WWE’s Paige. After turning on her daughter she would win the Shimmer title in 2012. *Finalist in 2017 & 2018


Tony St. Clair


 English wrestler, Made his debut in 1966. Originally part of a tag team with his brother Roy. Turned to singles competition in the 70s. Won the British Heavyweight Championship in 1977. And beat Giant Haystacks for his second reign. Jumped to All Star in 1982 taking the British Heavyweight title with him. Help the British Heavyweight title 4 times. 5 x CWA British Commonwealth Champion out of Germany. Worked for NJPW from 1979-1995 taking part in the Top of the Super Juniors in 1988. *First Year Finalist

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WIll have a think about my final 10 but Pat Roach is a sure thing for me, and probably Lord Alfred for sentimental reasons and the fact Wrestle Me has indoctrinated me into thinking he’s a highlight of golden era WWE. I hadn’t heard of Sue Brittain before the Stage 1 thread of this, but she sounds like a fascinating figure.

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Thanks to everyone who has voted so far. There is a couple of names at the top who look sure to go in. Close at the bottom though so keep those votes coming in. Remember you have until the end of the weekend to send your votes in and get your guys into the UKFF Hall of Fame

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Hey guys thanks for all the votes so far. 

We should be coming out with a great and deserving class of 2019 to add to the previous 2 classes.

Final reminder if you are one of the ones who hasnt voted you havent missed your chance to vote there is still a chance to champion your guy or girl. 

Voting is still open for 24 more hours so get voting and ensure your voice is heard for the UKFF British and Irish Hall of Fame class of 2019

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8 hours ago, bradfordcity said:

I understand the rules etc, but Kris Travis will never make 20 years but should be in the HOF

I think @AJSTYLES‘ rule is ‘20 years after you made your debut’ so Travis would become eligible 20 years after whenever his first match was. 

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