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Getting ripped off buying a used car


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friend of mine (yes really a friend, i wouldnt drive this thing) privately bought a car recently.

She tested it last week, decided she wanted it so he aske her to transfer money over and he delivered it to her house. Two days later after she gets back from a weekend away, she gets insured,  she goes to use it. The key is in a bad way, she says the case broke when she turned it as the buttons didnt work.  She gets into the car but it wont start so she gets out of the car locking it behind her. Now she simply cant get in. Manually or remotely.

Short of breaking any legs (kidding) , i dont think she can do anything to get her money back. However she pointed out to me that:

The paperwork has never been posted and is in her posession so its still registered in his name.

He delivered it and took a photo of itWhere he parked so she can pretty much prove she hasnt moved it.

He offered to refund her but only if she fixes it first

Does anyone have the knowledge to know if this cpuld be worth taking to a small claims court? She has all the guys details but now he is saying it must be down to the broken key. 

Its a horrible looking peugeot 1007, 07 plate, electric sliding doors (recipe for disaster), reading she may need to smash a window to sort it out :( could be a lot of things

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Not sure on the law but I was always told things are sold as seen unless you can prove there was some deciet. Did your friend buy from a dealer or individual. If it's an individual it's a lot more difficult.

Small claims might work it's easy enough to try and get a ccj against the person especially if they don't know how to appeal.

I once bought a car from an individual and didn't check well (my own fault) drove home to find the engine smoking. By the time I got it checked by a neighbour and went back the guy had actually moved house! Never saw that £500 again.

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