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Kodi Symmons - A Wrestling Story (Comic Book)


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On the 17th October 2016, we release the first issue of Kodi Symmons - A Wrestling Story. The comic is based on a 16 year veteran of the ring. Seconds away from securing a contract with one of the biggest promotions in the world he suffers a nasty concussion after a mistimed drop kick. The story continues as he battles his own personal problems and his professional adjustment from wrestler to a backstage producer. With politics backstage and his own personal issues, it is not long before Carl Reeves aka Kodi Symmons changes the course of his life forever.


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Here is the original production schedule we had for our original artist. Currently in the process of finalising another artist so hopefully will be able to speed up release to around every two months. Also, everyone who orders a copy of Issue 1 gets a chance to win the whole of Volume 1. 

Issue 1 - 17th October 2016 
Issue 2 - 19th December 2016 
Issue 3 - 6th March 2017 
Issue 4 - 17th July 2017 
Issue 5 - 25th September 2017 
Issue 6 - 13th November 2017 
Issue 7 - 15th January 2018 
Issue 8 - 19th March 2018 
Issue 9 - 28th May 2018 
Issue 10 - 6th August 2018 
Issue 11 - 22nd October 2018 
Issue 12 - 17th December 2018

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Thanks for the review - really appreciate it. I agree with you on the flow of the story it was a lot faster than we originally planned as we probably tried fit too much in. Issue 2 is going to be a lot darker and set the tone for the rest of the volume as we get to see a better picture of who Carl is and start to question his motives through some decisions later on in the volume.  Really appreciate the review and thanks for taking your time to write it. 

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Four weeks after becoming a backstage producer for one of the biggest wrestling promotions, Carl Reeves and the rest of the crew are on their 20-week tour of the United States. The first stop is New York City, with a group of new recruits set for try-outs it is another test for Carl as he looks to flex his politic powers. Through a series of flashbacks, we reveal a little more about Carl's past as we slowly start to unravel the man behind Kodi Symmons. 
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Matthew Barnes has written a book based on Kodi Symmons called Kodi Symmons: Redemption. 

Based on an original concept by David Dorey and Jason-Lee Ridpath, Matthew Barnes, part of the Cogito publishing team, takes the graphic novel story of Kodi Symmons to the next level with this new novel. Kodi's story came on the back of two successful professional wrestling magazines published by RJTR, but the story abruptly came to an end when the artist was unable to continue with the publication. This left Kodi at an impasse, and for some time the project was dead in the water.

With the launch of Cogito and our new Patreon site, a new idea began to crystallise. A new home for Kodi, A new format to tell these exciting new tales. An opportunity to resurrect a character we'd only just scratched the tip of the iceberg with.
As co-founder of Cogito, Matthew felt the time was right to bring Kodi back to life. 

And so, welcome, to the first in a series of instalments from the diaries of Kodi Symmons.

Moving away from the chronology, but not the history and dark past, we meet Kodi in 2017, around five years removed from the initial graphic novels. Having travelled to America to chase the dream, Kodi's career has faltered and the 'Land of Opportunity' has turned into an endless trawl from one end of the US to the other in search of opportunities and paydays on the indie scene. The eternal struggle of the independent wrestler.

And yet, it's the same Kodi we've met before. Still dark, still brooding. Still living life on the very edge of the fast lane. Time has removed him from the tragedies of the past, but has failed to heal him.

Sit back, grab yourself a Jack and Coke and strap yourself in.


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