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  1. Four weeks after becoming a backstage producer for one of the biggest wrestling promotions, Carl Reeves and the rest of the crew are on their 20-week tour of the United States. The first stop is New York City, with a group of new recruits set for try-outs it is another test for Carl as he looks to flex his politic powers. Through a series of flashbacks, we reveal a little more about Carl's past as we slowly start to unravel the man behind Kodi Symmons. Due to be released on the 28th February. http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/kodi-symmons-issue-2-preorder-12th-december
  2. Thanks for the review - really appreciate it. I agree with you on the flow of the story it was a lot faster than we originally planned as we probably tried fit too much in. Issue 2 is going to be a lot darker and set the tone for the rest of the volume as we get to see a better picture of who Carl is and start to question his motives through some decisions later on in the volume. Really appreciate the review and thanks for taking your time to write it.
  3. 24-hour auction over at eBay, trading cards are from Resurrection Wrestling Magazine. The cards are from series 1 and 2, full list below of cards featured. Series 1 Mark Andrews aka TNA's Mandrews Saraya Knight Kay Lee Ray Keith Myatt Hunter Brothers Dave Mastiff Adrian Street Series 2 Rocky Romero Trent Seven Tommaso Ciampa Sebastian Radclaw Sabu Rhia O'Reilly Mark Andrews aka TNA's Mandrews Kenny Williams John Hennigan aka Johnny Mundo Lucha Underground and FKA John Morrison/Nitro WWE Jigsaw Jonathan Gresham El Ligero Doug Williams Dean Allmark Davey Blaze Damian Dunne Colt Cabana fka Scotty Goldman in WWE Chris Andrews Candice Lerae Brian Myers aka Curt Hawkins in WWE The Lion Kid Will Ospreay Luther Ward Rob Conway Marty Scurll Chris Raaber Mad Man Manson Tommy End Jimmy Havoc Omen Icarus Davey Boy Smith aka British Bulldog Trent? Aka Trent Baretta in WWE Nouseva Kotka Blue Demon Jr BT Gunn Flash Morgan Webster Ivelisse Velez Series 2 Rare Edition cards (rated out of 200) El Ligero Tommy End Dean Allmark Adam Pearce x 2 Leva Bates aka Blue Pants in NXT Zack Sabre Jr Saraya Knight Marty Scurll http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272416981564
  4. Thank you, that would be much appreciated.
  5. Thank you for the support so far. Just wanted to give a little update for anyone who is interested, the comic is now available in Norwich through the store Abstract Sprocket and we are also now available on the kindle. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kodi-Symmons-Wrestling-Everything-Changed-ebook/
  6. Here is the original production schedule we had for our original artist. Currently in the process of finalising another artist so hopefully will be able to speed up release to around every two months. Also, everyone who orders a copy of Issue 1 gets a chance to win the whole of Volume 1. Issue 1 - 17th October 2016 Issue 2 - 19th December 2016 Issue 3 - 6th March 2017 Issue 4 - 17th July 2017 Issue 5 - 25th September 2017 Issue 6 - 13th November 2017 Issue 7 - 15th January 2018 Issue 8 - 19th March 2018 Issue 9 - 28th May 2018 Issue 10 - 6th August 2018 Issue 11 - 22nd October 2018 Issue 12 - 17th December 2018
  7. On the 17th October 2016, we release the first issue of Kodi Symmons - A Wrestling Story. The comic is based on a 16 year veteran of the ring. Seconds away from securing a contract with one of the biggest promotions in the world he suffers a nasty concussion after a mistimed drop kick. The story continues as he battles his own personal problems and his professional adjustment from wrestler to a backstage producer. With politics backstage and his own personal issues, it is not long before Carl Reeves aka Kodi Symmons changes the course of his life forever. http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/preorder-17th-october-kodi-symmons-issue-1
  8. Issue 11 http://images.bigcartel.com/product_images/178246952/RES11_COVER_WEB.jpg Resurrection Issue 11 is our first issue since our revamp as we now will be featuring content from the global wrestling scene. Content confirmed so far. Interview with Santana Garrett who is highly rated as one of if not the best female wrestlers on the planet at the moment. From the Alternative Wrestling Magazine vault, we have our Interview with Tommaso Ciampa from Issue 2. Dave Dorey looks at which 5 WWE wrestlers would be better off in Lucha Underground. We also review the Wrestlemania 32 Blu-ray all this and so much more. Trading cards confirmed so far Santana Garrett http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/resurrection-issue-11-30th-may
  9. After a successful two-year run focusing primarily on British wrestling we have merged with our old free online magazine, Alternative Wrestling Magazine. The new magazine will still be packed with British wrestling news, reviews, and interviews alongside coverage of International wrestling promotions. We will have an extra focus on the independent scene but will also be featuring mainstream promotions in our coverage. The magazine will still be 44 pages with colour cover with black and white insides. The magazine will once again be complemented with our trading card series which will be revamped again for series 3. The subscriptions will be done in tiers to fit in all our products and save you some money. Platinum Subscription - All of the Magazines, Trading Cards, British Wrestling Collector's Sticker Album, 4 Packs of Stickers, Special Rare Edition Stickers, and any special promotional items. £34.25 (Includes postage cost for mainland UK residents and it will vary for International subscribers.) SAVING £15.30 Gold Subscription - All of the Magazines, Trading Cards, British Wrestling Collector's Sticker Album, and 4 Packs of Stickers. £28.25 (Includes postage cost for mainland UK residents and it will vary for International subscribers.) SAVING £9.30 Silver Subscription - All of the Magazines and Trading Cards. £19.80 (Includes postage cost for mainland UK residents and it will vary for International subscribers.) SAVING £8.10 Bronze Subscription - All of the magazines. £13.80 (Includes postage cost for mainland UK residents and it will vary for International subscribers.) SAVING £8.10 Resurrection Issue 11 - 25th April 2016 Resurrection Issue 12 - 27th June 2016 Resurrection Issue 13 - 5th September 2016 Resurrection Issue 14 - 31st October 2016 Resurrection Issue 15 - 12th December 2016 Resurrection Issue 16 - 30th January 2017 http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/resurrection-year-3-subscription-tiers
  10. Happy to announce our British Wrestling Collector’s Sticker Album which will be released on 28th March 2016. The sticker album will be in A4 format, 48 pages, full colour, the album will be glossy from cover to cover and throughout. The album and subsequent stickers will feature some of the most notable names to wrestle in Britain and will include the current crop of British wrestling talent. We are also in talks with a few promotions to highlight their companies throughout the album. British Wrestling Collector's Sticker Album £5.00 1 x Pack of stickers (8 stickers in a pack) 75p If you preorder by February then you will receive £1 off the price. You can preorder more packs of stickers in our dropdown option. This doesn't include P+P charges which vary pending on your location. The item is shipped worldwide. http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/british-wrestling-collector-s-sticker-album
  11. We are doing a little sale over at www.resmagshop.co.uk 10% off all orders with the discount code "XMAS." 50p for Issue 3 and 4 bundle. (£2.15 with P+P) Resurrection - Half a year bundle. Issues 5,6,7 + 40 trading cards (full list on the website or you can look above for some of the British and International wrestlers on the cards including former WWE talent, current NXT wrestlers, and current TNA wrestlers.) £7 with P+P. Only 10 left of these bundles. www.resmagshop.co.uk
  12. Resurrection Issue 7 -Interviews with Flash Morgan Webster and Lou King Sharp -Part 3 of our profiling of Dave Mastiff in our Journey of a Bastard series. -Review of Infinite Promotions Livewire event. -All the latest wrestling news from England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Confirmed trading cards. Team UK and Ireland: Flash Morgan Webster Omen B.T. Gunn Davey Boy Smith Jimmy Havoc Team International: Ivelisse Velez Trent? aka Trent Baretta Icarus Blue Demon Jr. Nouseva Kotka http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/preorder-resurrection-issue-7
  13. Just to let you know we are currently running a promo with 10% off all orders all you have to do is type in the code "FLASHMORGAN."
  14. Issue 6 will be released 29th June. -Exclusive interviews with Xander Cooper and Kenny Williams -The Journey of a Bastard Part 2 - We chornicle the career of Dave Mastiff with quotes from the man himself. -Fite Club column with Kid Fite. -All the latest news from England, Wales, and Ireland Plus much more... Trading cards confirmed so far.... Team UK and Ireland: Marty Scurll, Luther Ward, Will Ospreay, The Lion Kid, and Mad Man Manson Team International: Leva Bates, Rob Conway, Chris Raaber, Tommy End and Adam Pearce Preorder with trading cards: http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/preorder-resurrection-issue-6 Preorder without trading cards: http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/resurrection-issue-6 Subscribe: http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/resurrection-1-year-subscription
  15. After our successful 4 issue trial run, Resurrection "Your British Wrestling Magazine." is back with 44 pages of British wrestling content with Issue 5 due for release on the 23rd March. The magazine has been repriced at £2 and the inside pages will be printed in black and white with the cover pages still being printed in colour. We will also be still selling our trading cards with series 2 being Team International vs. Team UK and Ireland. The full list of pack one is as follows. Team International John Hennigan fka WWE John Morrison, Brian Myers fka WWE Curt Hawkins, Colt Cabana, El Ligero, Candice LaRae, Jigsaw, Tommaso Ciampa, Rocky Romero, Jonathan Gresham and "Hardcore Legend" Sabu Team UK and Ireland Rhia O'Reilly, Sebastian Radclaw, Damian Dunne, Chris Andrews, Mark Andrews, Dean Allmark, Kenny Williams, Davey Blaze, Trent Severn, and Doug Williams To order Issue 5: http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/resurrection-issue-5 To order Trading cards: http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/resurrection-trading-cards-series-2-pack-one To subscribe for a year: http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/resurrection-1-year-subscription If you subscribe or order Issue 5 before the 23rd March you will be automatically entered into our prize giveaway, Prizes we will be giving away include but not limited to 12 different DVDs from promotions Progress Wrestling, Revolution Pro, Attack Pro Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, and Fight Club Pro. We will be giving away 1 year subscription to ICW on Demand. 5 people will get the chance to spend £30 each on any wrestling merchandise your heart desires. These prizes and many more. The great part is if you are lucky enough to win you get to pick whatever prize you want except for the last person who sadly will have to accept what is left. Our main prize courtesy of our sponsor Lewy L Paintings is a framed A3 print of the Dudley Boys signed by the duo.