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Dangerous rise of wrestling obsessives in the digital age?


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The amount of easily accessible content can be overwhelming if you allow it to be. Just within the WWE bubble alone. Thankfully the WWE Network came along at a point in my life   when I have the ability to put a filter on myself. 15 years ago it would've been a different story. I would've wanted to watch anything and everything back then, but these days I can happily live without watching shows like Swerved and Holy Foley. 


Personally, If I woke up tomorrow to an enforced closure of every active wrestling promotion along with a ban on any new promotions forming. I'd still be set for two lifetimes (if not more) with all of the classic footage that's available.  


The 90s/early to mid 2000s was the time when my wrestling fandom was at its highest point. During that time I watched and read anything about wrestling that I could. I absorbed   information like a sponge, That's MY era. Yet I still learn so many things about that time period that I didn't know at the time. It's never ending.


I love how everything is right now and I don't take it for granted. Even though I'll never have the time and/or desire to watch all of the content that's available today, it's nice to know it's there waiting for me. It's a whole different World from the days of waiting for tapes from Rob Butcher to arrive in the mail. 

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I think its hard to compare nowadays to the past as back when I was growing up I would have more time to watch all these things, such as weekends off, evenings off, school holidays etc. Maybe a little less content back then but then you could argue that WCW/ECW to name two was the equivalent of NXT/CWC in the sense of extra programming away from the Raw/Smackdown.


Maybe its just that the WWE is aimed towards a certain audience or that its more diverse and is aimed towards different audiences now, if you happen to like everything they produce (e.g. I wouldn't bother watching drive along or the WWE cartoon thing) then I guess thats a bonus from the WWEs point of view.


Also I would say that if I was to pay £10 a month for the network, then you would want as much content as possible, I don't think you could ever knock it for lack of value for money. 

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