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Win a FREE wrestling event poster

John Matrix

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Some time in the next seven days, the Be Water family will have a new member!  


To celebrate this exciting time, I'm giving your promotion the opportunity to win a free poster, professionally designed, for your next event.


It's easy to enter, just follow me on Twitter (@LetsBeWater) and tweet the day and time you think our baby will be born using the hashtag#BeWaterBaby


Closest wins. It's that simple.



I've made no secret of my desire to increase my pro-wrestling portfolio, so whilst the competition is open to all, the wrestling promotion closest will also win, and, what's more, as an extra incentive to give Be Water Creative a try, i'll throw in a free set of match announcement graphics giving you a complete promotional package for the princely sum of 140 characters.


What are you waiting for?





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