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For Sale: WWE Raw Seasons (Price Lowered)


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Sorry to post this here, but I assume the growth of torrents hurt the sale of seasons and comps any way but has the network notability slowed interest in these?


It must have surely?

It depends what you're after i guess. Upscalled Network versions with various edits or original 'as broadcast' versions. In the case of ECW, i find it painful to watch on the Network with all the music altered. Half of the appeal of ECW was that it was a product of the MTV era, that music and the video packages set to it was a large part of what made it ECW. A lot of people, myself included, like to own sets vs watching any of them vis the network. I'm moving these because i no longer have a need for them and need some cash. I couldn't comment on the scene in general though as i haven't been an active part of the trading community for a few years now, and even then i never shilled anything but my own copies of things. I mean buring 50 discs a season is more hassle than it's worth to me personally lol.

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