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The FutureShock Wrestling Thread

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Anyone from here going on Sunday?

Should be. Currently pricing up RevPro on the Saturday though, which may affect that plan


EDIT: Going to Swindon on Saturday now, not RevPro. Train home arrives Sunday at 5pm, at which point I'll be heading straight over to Stockport  :thumbsup:

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This Sunday FutureShock hits the Masonic Guildhall in Stockport for the first time in 2017. It's looking like a busy one so be sure to get your tickets in advance from the FutureShock website, especially if you want reserved second row seats. Front row's sold out.

Here's the card... A few new faces, titles on the line and more.















It's going to be a bit good. You should come along.


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I came very close to giving this a miss due to travel from Swindon after the 4FW show. It was only when Miss Price (BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!) gave me an ambiguous tweet about not being booked on the show, that I decided to ensure I made it back in time to come from the show, and boy I'm glad I did.


Great show top to bottom anyway, but the reaction to Zack Gibson yesterday was incredible

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Absolutely loved this show last night - awesome card, great, talented wrestlers, packed with fans and the crowd was red hot, such an amazing atmosphere and I will never forget the reception Gibson got, it was awesome!

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Here's all the results and happenings from Uproar 92...

Here's all the happenings from Uproar 92, FutureShock's first event of 2017 at the Stockport Masonic Guildhall. An absolutely incredible turnout, with the FutureShock Faithful packed into every corner of the place.

In the opening match Sam Bailey continued his quest to prove that he's the 'Very Best' by pinning 'Screwface' Jamie Ahmed with his trademark corner bulldog. A strong showing from the newcomer though as the aggressive and focused Ahmed didn't make it easy for him.

Tag team action next as the incredibly popular team of Jason Prime and Alexander Henry, The New Nation, took on Chris Egan's heavyweight pairing of Deadly Damon Leigh and the monstrous Cyanide. DDL struggled to maintain his cool as the Faithful spent much of the match dogging him with chicken based chants. In the end The New Nation emerged victorious after catching Leigh with their finisher. Wonderland, the FutureShock Tag Team champions made their presence felt after the bell. Melanie Price, now referring to herself as Melody, marked both members of the New Nation with streaks of black paint. What could this mean for the powerhouses from Tyneside?
Ashton Smith closed 2016 by winning the FutureShock Trophy tournament. Heading into 2017 red hot, he found himself squaring off with another newcomer,  Abel Stevens. Unsure initially of what to make of Stevens' flamboyant antics Smith rebounded and struck his trademark Go 2 Sleep for the victory. A very impressive showing for Abel Stevens in his debut nonetheless, very much catching the eye of the faithful.
Moments after the bout Ashton Smith was attacked by FutureShock Champion Zack Gibson, seemingly for no reason whatsoever. After a vicious strike to the head with the championship Ashton was taken off site to ensure his wellbeing. Presumably this was Gibson's devious plan to prevent Smith from cashing in his Trophy later in the night.
Adrenaline Champion Soner Durson is on a mission. The first ever, two time and current champion wants to bring prestige to a title that he feels has been let down by the two interim title holders, James Drake and Xander Cooper. As such he's asked to face the very best from across the nation and beyond. At Uproar 92 he faced an international challenge from New Zealand's Travis Banks. A high flying, hard hitting, action packed bout came to a close when the Kiwi Buzzsaw's short fuse left him distracted and vulnerable to a clever pinning combiation from the champ. Could a rematch be in order?
The UK wrestling scene has exploded over the past few months. The bout between James Drake and Delicious Danny Hope shone a bright light on two men that have been at the forefront of this revolution. Despite frequently being outfooted and frustrated by the antics of his charismatic opponent Drake utilised his ruthless underhanded cunning and pinned Hope after his Mr Mayhem DDT.
Tensions are mounting in the women's division. Champion Lana Austin teamed with Lil' Miss Roxxy to face newly crowned number one contender April Davids and her partner the deranged Jennie B. From the outset, it was apparent that Davids was more interested in scouting Austin than engaging in the bout, picking her moments and watching intently. In the end she watched on, almost with amusement,  as Austin delivered a DDT to Jennie B for the victory but the champ never broke eye contact. When they clash again it's going to be epic.
Finally the main event... Would the new year see a new FutureShock champion crowned? Zack Gibson defended his title against the only man to pin his shoulders to the mat in years, Rampage Brown.  "Liverpool's Number One" addressed the FutureShock Faithful before the bell. Well, he tried. As ever he was all but drowned out by jeers and cat calls, noise like we've never heard at the Guildhall. Eventually the big man from Leeds had had enough and decked him with a big boot to silence him and start the bout.
A bonafide classic, the championship match went all over the building before settling back into the ring. There it was a back and forth war, with the challengers power and ferocity pitted against the champion's cunning and technical excellence. The tide turned in the odds of Rampage which inevitably brought James Drake out to ringside to assist Gibson. An unfortunate clothesline decked the referee which allowed Drake to strike Rampage with Mr Mayhem only for the challenger to kick out! 
With the odds firmly stacked against him and Ashton Smith out of play it looked like Rampage Brown was hopelessly outnumbered. The FutureShock Faithful erupted as familiar music filled the Guildhall. Tyson T-Bone had returned! Storming the ring, T-Bone quickly despatched Drake with the Gypsy's Kiss headbutt and even had one for the champion. Embracing his friend, he looked set to even the score by helping Rampage become champion, even helping to set Gibson up for the piledriver.
Seconds later it all came crashing down as T-Bone nailed the unsuspecting Rampage with a superkick, a german suplex and his devastating headbutt. Draping Gibson's arm across the challenger, the tattooed terror of the trailer park headed out and left the champion to retain in tainted fashion.
What does this mean for the FutureShock Championship? Who will step up to face Zack Gibson? Why has Tyson T-Bone turned on his long time friend? Only time will tell.
In the meantime Uproar 92 will soon be available via the FutureShock On Demand service as well as on DVD from futureshockwrestling.co.uk and at our events. 
FutureShock returns to the Masonic Guildhall on March 12th. Tickets will be available very soon and a sell out is very likely so don't miss out.

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Announced so far for FutureShock Burnout, the company's debut in Accrington at the Mercure Hotel. That's taking place this coming Sunday 5th February.









Zack Gibson was due to defend his FutureShock championship at Burnout but, as seen in the latest episode of Access Aftershock he's decided to take matters into his own hands. Find out more right here.

Tickets are on sale NOW from the FutureShock website.http://futureshockwrestling.co.uk.

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FutureShock returns to Manchester's city centre and a brand new venue at 53Two, in the shadow of the GMex convention centre. Handy for train, tram, bus and car as well as being arguably the most atmospheric space to ever host a FutureShock event. It's going to be cosy but it's going to be fantastic.

A new venue suggests something new... FutureShock is allowing the fans to decide the challenger for Zack Gibson's FutureShock Championship in the main event.



Voting is open now and runs until Wednesday 13th February. Click here to have your say.

Tickets are on sale now with limited ringside seats remaining. Head to the FutureShock website to get yours.

Please note that the start time is now 4:00pm to avoid clashing with Insane Championship Wrestling's show at The Ritz. Hopefully this will allow folk that wish to attend both shows to do so. The Ritz is a five minute walk from 53Two. Something about being better off if we all work together.

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I second what Chris says. Literally the best uk match i have seen this year even though its only March and there has been plenty of great but this had everything.

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