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GPW: "Final Fight" Last show of 2014, November 21st. Double Ma

Mr. Noble

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Here it is, our final installment of 2014 and it's a cracker! First, take a look at the brilliant poster.






Every ticket for Final Fight purchased online at http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shopwill be entered automatically into a draw for two free tickets to all 2015 shows, the winner announced live at Final Fight!





Main Event I:

The Cause (Rayne, Gibson, Rage, Daniels w/ Price) v. The Effect (Feelgood, Brannigan, RJM, Bailey)


Every Cause must have an effect and the effect in this case comes in the form of current GPW Heavyweight Champion, Dirk Feelgood, 2014 MiTB holder, RJM, former Cause member, Sam Bailey and GPW owner, Johnnie "Heresy" Brannigan. The 4 will team up to take on the final 4 members of The Cause in a very special 8 Man Tag!


The stipulation added to this match is as follows, if The Cause win, they will be granted a re-match at the title they lost to Dirk Feelgood last month. But, if they lose they will be ordered to disband immediately. Don't miss this!





Main Event II: Last Man Standing Match

Damon Leigh v. Nate Travis


Absolutely no love lost here as it was former fan favorite, DDL who cost Travis the chance to win the Heavyweight Championship in his debut match on his brothers memorial show. Contracts signed, it has come to this. With so much hatred between them, the only real way to determine a winner will be who is the Last Man Standing!






2 out of 3 Falls Match:

Jack Gallagher v. CJ Banks


The rivalry and one up-manship between these two premier performers this year has been a pleasure to watch. However, it there's now only one way to prove who really is the best and that only means good things for the fans of pro wrestling as on November 21st, you'll be treated to what will undoubtedly be one of the matches of the year as Gallagher battles Banks in a 2/3 Falls Match!





British Title Match:

El Ligero © v. T-Bone w/ Lana


The No.1 Contender, T-Bone may have gained his contendership status by ill means but there's not stopping him going for the British title now as he is all set to challenge champion Ligero. Ligero, who won the title earlier this year has managed to keep hold of his only title reign in GPW since, but for how long can that continue? Who will take the title into 2015?





Tag Title No.1 Contenders Match:

Toxic Waste v. The Bad Lads


Tensions are high between these two teams who are on a head on collision with each other. Who's bigger? Who's better? The Bad Lads burst onto the scene last year at GPW: X and have grown in both stature and confidence ever since now feeling as though they can challenge for the titles. Cyanide and Bin Man joined forces at the end of 2013 to form Toxic Waste and have been hugely impressive ever since. 


Who will go on to challenge the Island Brothers in 2015 for the tag titles? And perhaps more importantly, who ever it is, can they stop the dominant undefeated champions?





Loser Moves House / Banned from Tesco Hindley Match:

Ashton Smith v. Martin Kirby w/ Noah


One of the oddest stipulations we've ever had in our 11 years! These two tore the house down last month in a match that Smith won to remain undefeated so far this year, however that was seemingly just the start of the rivalry!


After the match, Kirby took issue with the fact that Smith had been shopping at Tesco's in "his home town" and asked for a match that if Smith won, he would be no longer allowed to shop there. Smith then raised the stakes by agreeing if "Hindley Hero" Martin Kirby would put his house in Hindley up for sale and move out of Hindley and move out of Lancashire! The match is now set and obviously has huge implications for the loser. Don't miss what is sure to be another classic between these two!





Singles Debut Match:

Alex Jones-Casey v. Jiggy Walker


Anti Violent Student Protester, Alex Jones-Casey has dodged, ducked and done anything he can from actually having to wrestle a match. He has run his mouth and got under the skin of just about everybody on the roster and in the fans.

At Final Fight, Jones-Casey will have no excuses left as he is faced with a one on one match against the very man he has dodged and ducked all year, that man being the very violent Jiggy Walker!

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Currently on the way to what should be a fantastic season-ender from GPW.


Every single match on the bill has some form of back-story or history, either built over the last few months, the entire year or even longer. It's on nights like this that GPW nearly always excels.

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British Title Match

El Ligero © def T-Bone w/Lana
Loser banned from Hindley TESCO/Loser must move out of Hindley
Ashton Smith def Martin Kirby
Due to his loss, as per the pre match stipulation, Martin Kirby must move out of Hindley immediately.
Alex Jones-Casey def Jiggy Walker*
*The Bad Lads distracted the referee enabling Alex Jones-Casey to cheat to win.
Prior to the next match it was revealed that The Bad Lads had injured Cyanide and he would not be able to compete.
Number One Contendership for the Tag Team Trophy
Ste "Bin" Mann def The Bad Lads (Mickey Barnes and Drill) via disqualification.
At the conclusion of the bout, Simon R. Valour announced that Bin Mann would receive his title shot immediately.
Tag Team Trophy Match
Ste "Bin" Mann and Jett Fashion w/ Crissy. (Crissy volunteered Fashion to be Cyanide's replacement) def The Island Bros (Rio and Tabu) © w/ Simon Valour to WIN the Tag Team Trophy.
2/3 Falls, 20 Minute Time Limit
CJ Banks and Jack Gallagher fought to a time limit draw. 0-0.
"Last Man Standing" Match
Nate Travis def "Deadly" Damon Leigh
Eight Man Tag Team Match
The Effect (Grand Pro Heavyweight Champion Dirk Feelgood, Johnnie Brannigan, Sam Bailey and RJM) def The Cause (Dave Rayne, Zach Gibson, Axl Rage and Sean Daniels) w/Melanie Price.
Due to their loss, as per the pre match stipulations, The Cause were forced to disband. Had The Cause won, they would have been granted a rematch for the Heavyweight Title.
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