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GPW: "Danger Zone" July 4th, Wigan

Mr. Noble

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On July 4th, Grand Pro Wrestling enter the Danger Zone!




Tickets selling right now, buy yours from the website and save some money! http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop With at least one more special announcement to come, the official match card thus far looks like this:


Alex Jones-Casey's Anti Violent Message Ft. The Bad Lads




After enlisting the help of The Bad Lads and defeating Jiggy Walker at the last show philosophy student, Alex Jones-Casey has won the right to take to the ring with a microphone and spread his anti violent message, backing him up will be Micky Barnes and Drill, The Bad Lads.



Main Event Singles Match:

Hayes v. DDL




At the GPW Danger Zone main event, two old friends lock horns! Joey Hayes, disgusted with DDL's actions last show as he turned his back on the company takes on the man he knows better than anyone else. Do not miss these almighty battle between two men who have known each other their whole careers!



Singles Grudge Match:

RJM v. Maguire




At Danger Zone, Ricky J. McKenzie will get his chance of revenge on Nick Maguire in a special one on one grudge match! Maguire, who prevented RJM from successfully cashing in his MiTB contract will now have to face the consequences of his actions. Does he know what he has let himself in for? Find out, July 4th!



Nate Travis Thanks Fans




GPW's latest debutant, Nate Travis will be at Danger Zone to thank the fans for their support in his incredible match against The Cause for the Heavyweight Title. A match he came so close to winning if it hadn't have been for Damon Leigh's shocking interference. Find out what the Big Man has to say about it all!



Singles Match:

Smith v. Gibson




Stemming from last show's pinfall victory Smith has over Gibson in a Six Man, these two exciting talents will do battle in a mouth watering singles match that has 'don't miss' written all over it!



Tag Match:

Banks & Ligero v. Roberts & Kirby




In a tag team affair, we will see Dylan Roberts team up with Martin Kirby as the pair take on once career rivals, CJ Banks and El Ligero! How will these two teams co-exist and what who will get the win!? Find out July 4th!



The Cause Official Announcement




After yet another successful title defence, The Cause will be at Danger Zone with an official announcement about their next move. Don't miss what this could be!

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Final match for Friday will be a non title tag match!


Non Title Match:

Track & Field Sports Club v. Island Brothers ©




With No.1 Contenders to the Tag Titles, The Proven not medically cleared to wrestle The Track & Field Sports Club have jumped at the chance to try and put themselves into title contention by announcing they will challenge the champs in a non title match. Which two members of the sports club will it be? And can they cause an upset? Anything can happen! Find out what happens Friday!



Tickets for Danger Zone are available now from our website and if you buy now, help yourself to

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The History of "Dangerous" Damon Leigh versus Joey Hayes...


November 2nd 2003, "GPW Nemesis": The formation of the Young Offenders

GPW Nemesis was the night where fans first became aware of the friendship between DDL and Joey Hayes. This was the night they joined forces to combat two of their then rivals, Johnnie "Heresy" Brannigan and "The Middleman" Lee Butler. Dubbing themselves, The Young Offenders, Hayes and Leigh worked together to defeat Heresy and Butler in GPW's first ever Tag Team Tables Match. A bout infamous for a moment where Heresy threw DDL off a balcony onto several tables before dropping an elbow onto him from that same balcony. DDL and Hayes achieved victory that night and a partnership was born. Hayes and Leigh travelled the UK and Europe wrestling for promotions like Wrestle Zone Wrestling, 3 Count Wrestling, All Star, WXW Germany and DCW (now DPW) in Holland and others.


April 24th 2004, "GPW Hostile Takeover": The Rivalry Begins

After months of tagging with each other around the country, GPW management decided to put Hayes and Leigh, the top ranked stars in GPW against each other to determine the first ever holder of the GPW British Championship. Their first bout was not without controversy as somehow Johnnie "Heresy" Brannigan managed to get himself appointed the Guest Referee for the contest. Heresy's agenda was clear from the outset, he wanted the title for himself and was prepared to manipulate DDL and Hayes to achieve it. Nevertheless, Hayes and DDL had quite the battle thrilling the fans at the Darwen Leisure Centre in Blackburn before Heresy put his plan into action. When Leigh refused to acquiesce to Heresy's demands, Heresy took out both men with the championship belt, forced Leigh to cover Hayes and counted to 3 before walking out with the title for himself. Hayes vs Leigh didn't end with a clear winner but one thing was clear, this was only the beginning.


March 18th 2005, "GPW Wanted": The Betrayal

In 2005, The popular Hayes turned to the darkside and aligned himself with Heresy and Minx forming the faction known as "SIN". At Wanted, when Leigh was in the ring informing the fans of how Alex Shane had stolen his British Title, his interview was interrupted by Heresy. However, it was not Heresy who DDL had to watch out for in the end but his own tag partner Joey Hayes who stunned the fans in attendance by running in from behind and hitting a low blow on his friend DDL! Later that night, DDL and then Heavyweight Champion would join forces to face Heresy and Hayes in the main event.


May 25th 2005, GPW "Salvation is Near": The Battle for Contendership.

Over 12 months since their first battle, GPW SIN saw Hayes and Leigh go to battle once more. Hayes had been hand-picked by then British Champion Alex Shane to serve as a roadblock in Leigh's quest to regain the coveted title. With no guest referee this time to get in the way, Hayes and Leigh battled tooth and nail to achieve their respective goals. In the end, Leigh would be victorious as he was able to surprise Hayes with his patented "Risk Factor" move to score the pinfall. To date, this classic battle has been their most recent singles battle in GPW.


June 15th 2007, "GPW That's Entertainment": SIN vs Leigh/Travis

In 2007, Hayes had secured Number One Contendership to Leigh's British Title (Leigh having regained the belt from Shane and Juggernaught in the interim) and successfully defended it in bouts prior to his title opportunity. Prior to his one on one encounter with Leigh at "Collision Course", Leigh and Hayes were put on opposing teams, Leigh with the late Dom Travis and Hayes found himself teaming with his mentor Heresy, who seemed to have his own eye on the coveted title. Leigh and Travis would be victorious after a mistake by Hayes found Heresy on the receiving end of a Teenage Kick and a pinfall by DDL. This led to a Triple Threat Match being signed for the following month between Hayes, Leigh and Heresy.


July 20th 2007, "GPW Collision Course": The War To Settle The Score

At CC, Hayes, Leigh and Heresy found themselves in a three way dance competing for the British title. Heresy believed the bout to be a handicap match and worked on the understanding that Hayes would put his own title aspirations to one side and help Heresy capture the gold. He was shocked to learn throughout the course of this match that Hayes had no such goal in mind. Hayes soon began preventing Heresy from achieving victory and looked to defeat Leigh himself. Hayes' former stable mates CJ Banks and Johnny Phere rushed to the ring to aid Heresy and when Hayes struck Banks and Phere in retaliation, the crowd erupted in praise for Joey. In the closing moments, Hayes caught Heresy with the Teenage Kick and stunned Leigh with a Blue Thunder Bomb and managed to get the pinfall victory, capturing his first title in GPW. The crowd were ecstatic and have been so for Hayes ever since.



September 5th 2008 to July 7th 2009, "GPW Back 2 School" to GPW Heatwave" : The Young Offenders Temporary Reunion

By B2S much had changed in GPW. Hayes had broken away from SIN and become a fan favourite and buried the hatchet with long term rival DDL. Hayes and Leigh set their sights on the Tag Team Trophy then held by The Mil-Anfield Connection. The YO and The MAC stole the show at B2S in their first ever meeting battling to the last man standing and in the end there was no winner, the bout ended in a "Double KO" meaning the trophy remained in the hands of the MAC. The war between the YO and the MAC continued over the next 5 months when the YO defeated The MAC to capture the Tag Team Trophy at "Back With A Bang 2009". The YO became one of GPW's best loved Tag Team Trophy holders defending the silverware against The Eastern Bloc and Paradise Lost. Fans were therefore shocked however, when after coming up short against Paradise Lost at Heatwave, it was revealed a prior stipulation meant that the Young Offenders had to split up for good following their loss!



2009-2014: On The Highway To The Danger Zone

Hayes and Leigh went on to achieve great success as individuals following their break-up. Leigh won the Rumble in 2010 and then captured the Heavyweight Title. Hayes won the 2009 Crazy Cruiser 8 Tournament and was a Semi-finalist in the 2013 installment. Hayes also found himself a top contender for the Heavyweight title in 2012 before entering an extremely personal rivalry with Martin Kirby, a war he would ultimately win. The most recent time they were opponents prior to DangerZone would have been "Back With A Bang 2013" when they competed for the GPW "Money In The Bank" briefcase. Hayes and Leigh would still team up for various 8 man tags and the occasional Cibernetico and fans could see the friendship between the two was still as present now as it had ever been.


That was of course until "A Night To Remember 2014". While many would argue Hayes alliance with Heresy and turn on Leigh had come about as a result of Heresy brainwashing Hayes to his cause. The same can't be said for Leigh. Leigh stepped into the ring on June 6th and prevented Nate Travis from defeating Dave Rayne. Actions that Hayes, always a proud competitor could not tolerate. Now after so much time has passed the two step into the ring once more, so much has changed and the show name "Danger Zone" is definitely appopriate, this is a match that should rock the Rose Club to it's very foundations!

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Alex Jones-Casey's Anti-Violence Message opened the show. Ste "Bin" Mann interrupted accompanied by his regular tag team partner, Cyanide and Joe Vega. Bin Mann challenged Alex and the Bad Lads to a Six Man Tag Team Match.


Joe Vega and Toxic Waste def Alex Jones-Casey and The Bad Lads when Bin Mann pinned Drill. After the match, Krissy came ringside and left with Joe Vega. We appear to have one half of the Midnight Dream Connection.


RJM def Nick Maguire


Nate Travis thanked the fans and promised he would kick DDL's arse at the first opportunity.


Jack Gallagher entered the ring next announcing he would be the Guest Commentator for the next match.


CJ Banks and British Champion El Ligero def Dylan Roberts w/AAA Tasker and Martin Kirby w/Noah when Banks pinned Kirby.


Non-Title Match

Tag Team Champions The Island Bros

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