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WAW 20th anniversary show 1st march. Thetford added 28th feb


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As Bray Wyatt says, We're Here, Epic Encounters 7, the 20th Anniversary show for the WAW. A speical night of celebration featuring the best up and coming talent as well as legends and a few exports.


Commentators for the evening are Carl Ford & Peter Nixon

MC is the legendary Micheal Mann

Photos by James Gray & Scott Gray

Camera crew is Mark & David Hesling from hfponline.co.uk


Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight come out before the first match to a standing ovation and induct the 3rd member of the Superflies to the WAW Hall Of Fame, Sweet Saraya.


Match 1-Syd Parker vs Alex Young vs Jonny Storm vs Vilman-Ref Scott Edgar-RQW European Cruiser Title-20 mins-1 Fall.


This match is the final of the golden road tournament that has been running over the last 10months and has featured 12 stars.


Vilman was introduced by fellow Norwegian Aron Frost, the young man has only been wrestling for a 1 1/2 years and has been brought to WAW to face the best talent in Europe.


As predicted the action started fast and furios with all 4 men get involved, with the veteran jonny storm using his experience against vilman but was soon stopped by alex and syd. The action soon went to the outside as Syd hit a awesome tope on vilman which sent both men crashing into the guard rail.

While both men thought they were safe, a moonsaulting Alex Young put pay to that as he glided through the air like a diving swallow which was soon followed by a twisiting plancha from the veteran storm. Once back in the ring Storm seemed to take advantage as he hit a ddt/backdrop combo on vilman and syd.

The fast paced never stopped as Syd hit a top rope clothesline to take down Alex & Vilman, Vilman soon got up and showed even though he has had little experience he can still keep up with the best as he managaed to get a 2 count on the wonder from down under.

Storm hit a sunset flip/german suplex combo to get a 2 count.

Since the last time i saw Alex Young & Syd Parker in October they have both got better and better and can only be going good places in the future.

Vilman managed to stop Syd before he came off the top rope, Alex came along to hit what looked like a superplex but Jonny came to join the party and hit the Towder of Doom much to the applause from the packed house in Norwich.

Syd hit a beautiful tornado ddt on jonny but before he could make the cover, Alex came in and hit a Paige Turner like move but only got a 2.

Once recovered and jonny & alex out of the ring, Syd irish whipped Vilman into the corner and followed with a massive Yakuza Kick which was followed by a nice brainbuster, 3 seconds later we have a winner and New RQW European Cruiser Champ, Syd Parker.



Match 2-Courtney Rush vs Sweet Saraya-Ref David Finch-20mins-1 fall


Courtney Rush is the regaining Bellatrix World Champion and Sweet Saraya is the regaining Australia NHAPW Indy Girls Champion and is also the only lady to hold titles on all 5 continents.


As always the Norwich faithfully are fully behind the latest indutee to the WAW Hall of Fame. The Canadian kept angering the English Rose by constantly running outside, when the 2 finally locked up, Saraya took out her agression by pushing Rush into the corner and slapping her over the chest.

A dropkick to the groin sent Rush outside again and sent the ref to his pocket as he gave Saraya her first public warning.

Back in the ring and Rush gets the upperhand and works on Saraya in the corner with kicks which was followed up by the first suplex of the contest which got a 1 count. Saraya got a 2 count after a bottom rope slingshot.

Fisherman Suplex by Rush got another 2 count which was followed by a forearm exchange with Saraya getting the best of the Bellatrix Champ, she followed this up with a lovely boston crab but Rush got to the ropes, this angered the Canadian as she took down Saraya and unleashed a flurry of punches.

Saraya put Rush on the top rope and went for the electric chair but Rush countered this and hit a victory roll which only got another 2, Rush stayed on the veteran and hit yet another suplex again only for a 2.

With the advantage still in her command, Rush hit a superplex from the top, as she went for the cover, her opponent for Bellatrix 8, Liberty came down to the ring, this was enough of a distraction as Rush went to the ropes to bad mouth Liberty, this came as the downfall for the Champion as Saraya came behind and got the schoolgirl for the 1-2-3.


Winner-Sweet Saraya


Match 3-Robin Lekime w/lady lori vs Aron Frost-Ref Joe Penny-Number 1 Contendership for RQW European Heavyweight Title


These two European heavyweights start the match off with clean breaks on the ropes but Robin soon uses his experience and starts to work on the leg of Frost with a half crab but Frost soon gets out and applies a leg lock of his own, the Belgian soon escapes and starts to work on the wrist, The Norweigian tries to escape but everytime he does Robin tightens the hold.

When Frost finally escapes the hold, he applies the wrist lock of his own, Robin escapes by getting the ropes, much to the geers of the crowd.

The strength of both men is shown as neither man goes down from exchanging shoulder barges, but Aron has something up his sleeve on the irish whip and that is a beautiful dropkick followed by a clothesline which sends The Bull outside the ring.

With both men outside, the manageress comes into play as Robin hides behind his good lady to stop the attack by Frost and allow himself to attack Frost and push him into the barrier.

With Robin in the ring celebrating this allows Lady Lori to attack Frost while the refs back was turned. Frost gets the advantage back following another dropkick/clothesline combo but another distraction from Lori lets Robin hit a solid backdrop suplex but only gets a 2 count.

Robin whips Frost into the corner but Frost comes powering out and hits a nice belly to belly suplex to get a 2 of his own, Frost with the crowd behind him whips Robin into the corner and hits a nice Stinger Splash, he follows this up with a attempted TKO but Robin counters to hit a beautiful german suplex for a close 2 count.

Robin staggers Frost with a big lariat but Frost does the same to Robin not once but twice, the 2 men go for a lariat each and end up on the canvas, the standing count starts.

Both men up at 6 and a forearm battle starts, Frost goes to top rope and hits a flying clothesline followed by a tko, the cover, 1-2-no, lady lori puts the foot up on the rope.

Frost goes back to the top rope but is crotched by Lady Lori which allows Robin to come and hit a massive samoan drop, he gets Frost back up only to knock him down again with a lariat, cover 1-2-3, we have ourselves a new number 1 contender.


Winner and new number 1 contender to the RQW European Heavyweight Title (held by Karl Krammer) Robin The Bull Lekime


Match 4-K4 (King Kendo & Karl Krammer) vs Hunter Brothers (Lee & Jim)-RQW European Tag Title-Ref David Finch-30mins-1 Fall


This is the first time the Hunter Brothers have been seen in WAW and are difficult to tell apart so if i have the names wrong, i apoligise.


The weight difference is shown here as Karl & Lee start off as Karl shows off his power , Lee tries to apply the headlock but is pushed off, but Lee does try speed which is succesful and allows him and his brother to do multiply tags and work over the arm of the Barbarian.

A tag to Kendo brings more trouble to the brothers as this only brings more power into the ring who dominates the brothers and throws jim outside which allows Krammer to weaken the young man even more.

With Jim back in the ring and the crowd behind the young men, Kendo hits a slam and headbutt, Krammer back in who whips Dean into the corner who revereses and tries to use speed against the big man but this is stopped by Kendo on the outside who uses underhanded tactics behind the refs back.

Krammer continues the work with a nerve hold followed by a clothesline before tagging Kendo back in who hits a DROPKICK followed by a bottom rope slingshot, Kendo then applies a read chin lock, as the Hunter brother escapes, he goes for the tag but the ref doesnt see it which allows K4 to double team.

Krammer back in who whips Dean into corner but a clash of heads means both men go down, with the crowd fully behind the midland brothers, Dean finally gets the legal tag and Lee is in like a house on fire working over both K4, he takes down Kendo with a enzuigiri followed by a double top rope dropkick on Krammer.

K4 go outside but are not safe as the Hunter Brothers hit a baseball slide, with all 4 men outside, K4 get the upper hand by using there experience and overwhelm the youngsters.

Back in the ring and a slam by Kendo allows his partner to go to the top rope for a splash but the quickness of the brothers means he is stopped and only one place to go, a HHUUGGEE slam off the top rope, takes out the Barbarian

Lee goes to the top to hit a splash of his own but is met by the brute force of Kendo who whips him into the corner and hits a corner splash followed by a slam followed by the kendo bomb followed by the 1-2-3.


Winners and still RQW European Tag Champs K4


The next match was a WAW Youth Club exhibition match which featured Cole The Camo Kid Thompson against Jack The Show Off Burridge-Ref Sweet Saraya-15mins-1 fall


This was the biggest crowd both of these young men had worked in front of and the nerves could show but only for a split second as these two went right at it.

Great chain wrestling by these future stars followed by a test of strength which was won by the Show Off who followed up with a flying armbar.

The crowd are fully behind these two, The Show Off doing what he does best by doing a headstand while applying the chin lock.

Irish whip into the ropes by Show Off who hits a flying back elbow off the second rope but The Camo Kid gets the advantage back and hits the Randy Orton DDT from the ropes, he goes for the finish with the swanton bomb but the show off moves out of the way and applies the yes lock.

The Camo Kid escapes once but the second time he cant and we have a winner. Both these young men got a standing ovation and i was very very impressed.


Winner-Jack The Show Off Burridge.


Match 5-Tag Team Rumble for the vacant British Tag Team Titles-Refs Joe Penny & Scott Edgar.


The first team out is the BourneStarrs who pay homage to the Superflies with there entrance attire, Second team out Special Edition.


Special Edition get the upperhand with some great team work before Team 3 come out.


Team 3-Essex Boys


Team 4-Marco Marinelli & Judas


Judas uses his power and strength on everyone in the ring


Team 5-Metal Heads


Action all over the ring which means its very hard to keep up, i apoligise


Team 6-Army Of 2


Team 7-Hot N Sexy, crowd go mad


Speical Edition & Metal Heads are both eliminated


Team 8-Old School


Joey Osbourne & Scott Fusion working over each other in the corner


Team 9-Next Generation


Team 10-Freedom & Fire


Team 11-BattleKats


Marco & Judas Eliminated


Freedom & Fire & Next Generation eliminated


BourneStarrs, BattleKats & Old School Eliminated


3 teams left with the veteran team of the Essex Boys taking control hitting the other teams with powerbombs and hurricanrans, while gloating to the crowd, it let the Army of 2 eliminate the Essex Boys.


Essex Boys eliminated


But while Aaron Sharp is celebrating he is eliminated.....by his own team mate Scott Fusion which causes absoulete shock but it also means we have NEW British Tag Team Champions.


Army of 2 eliminated


Winners-NEW British Tag Team champions-Hot N Sexy.


HotStuff takes to the mic to thank the fans and WAW for the last 20 years (he was on the first show), he also dedicated the win to his mother.


Match 6-Zebra Kid vs Tommy Lee & Blackbelt Tom Dawkins-Alaskan Tag Match-Ref David Finch-20mins-1 fall


Surprise surprise Tommy Lee isnt very popular. Tom and Zebra start off and Tom uses a flurry of kicks and punches to get the upperhand over Zebra, while the refs back is turned Tommy takes every opportunity to cheat.

Irish whip by Zebra which leads to leapfrog, duck, leapfrog, duck, untill BANG a beautiful dropkick by Zebra and Tom is thrown outside much to the joy of the crowd.

With both men outside, Zebra throws Dawkins into the rail followed by a little old school Zebra and the ole chair clothesline which was followed by a suplex on the floor.

Still no sign of Tommy in the ring, nice spinkick by Tom to take down Zebra, tag to Tommy but as soon as Zebra is on his feet, tag to Tom Dawkins who works over Zebra with kicks and well placed punches.

A little team work is used but back fires as Tommy is hit by the clothesline of Tom Dawkins, Dawkins tries to rectify the situation by going to the top rope but is crotched by Zebra who hits a massive tope rope DDT.

Both men are down but are soon back up again only to be back down thanks to a double clothesline. Zebra takes Dawkins back to the top rope and this time hits a superplex and goes for the Zebra Crossing but is crotched by Tommy Lee.

Tommy Lee then gets in the face of his partner for not letting him get in, Dawkins doesnt like the fact that he has done all the work and leaves Tommy on his own with 5 minutes left.

Zebra finally gets his hands on Tommy and hits a samoan drop followed by 2 tray shots to the noggin, Zebra then picks up Tommy and hits him with a tombstone and then goes to the top rope not once but twice and hits 2 picture perfect Zebra Crossings.

3 seconds later we have a winner.


Winner Zebra Kid


Match 7-Zak Knight vs Sam Adonis-ref Joe Penny-20mins-1 fall.


This is the return of Zak Knight to a WAW ring after being out for 5 months with knee surgery. First saw Sam Adonis last week in Fakenham and was very very impressed.


No signs of ringrust from Zak who complete dominates Adonis who hightails it outside but is quickly brought back in by Zak, an irish whip by Zak to the corner which snaps the second rope.

A flurry of 2 counts from both men leads to Adonis getting the upperhand with some elbows to the back of the head, he follows up by going to the top rope but misses the axe handle.

Zak hits some nice european uppercuts and goes for the finish but Adonis revereses and goes after the surgically repaired knee of Knight, Adonis continues the work with a leg lock but Zak powers out and hits a flurry of punches but the advantage is short lived as Adnois hits a cross body and goes straight back to the knee.

Clothesline by Zak sends Sam outside which he follows up with a plancha, Zak goes for the sunset flip back in the ring but is reveresed and Adonis applies the figure four, woo woo woo, Zak gets to the ropes much to the annoounce of Sam.

Sam hits Zak with a big lariat which sends the Knight to the canvas, a big dropkick by Zak stops the momentuem of Adonis but only for a short time as Adonis hits a STO but only gets a 2 count.

Sam comes off the second rope but is caught by Zak who hits a swinging side slam, Zak then goes to the top rope and hits a beautiful Alabama Jam and gets the well deserved win.


Winner Zak Knight


Match 8-Doug Williams vs Steve Corino-Ref Scott Edgar-WAW World Title-60 mins-1 fall


The WAW world title was vacated shortly after the Rowdy Man Ricky Knight won the title on his last appearance back in October.


Nice exchange by both men to start off, Doug using his techincal expertise to get the upperhand by working on the leg, doug then turns his attention to the arm of the king of extreme but corino reverese and proves he is no slouch when it comes to the technical stuff.

No one moves in the battle of the shoulder tackles but Corino send Williams outside with a big clothesline, outside both men hit each other with stiff forearms but the battle comes to a end when Corino hits the ring post.

The match turns now as Corino has been badly cut by the ringpost and is bleeding alot.

The ref and WAW officalls try to stop the match but the former ECW champion is having none of it.

A side of Doug Williams comes out that i dont beleive many people have seen as he takes full control of the match with punches, fists and anything else he can use to the open wound of Corino's. Corino will not give up.

Williams hits a nice back suplex but only gets 2, Corino fights back with fists and elbows, he hits the STO but only gets 2.

Williams gets back in control with a irish whip to the corner followed by a running knee and a suplex but again only 2.

Doug goes to the top rope and attempts the big knee but Corino moves out of the way and hits a sitting lariat again only 2.

The ref and officalls are still trying to get Corino to end it but he will not give up his chance of becoming a world champ away so easily.

Backslide exchange followed by punchfest from both men, Williams gets the advantage again by hitting the running knee again followed by a diving european uppercut but only got the 2 count.

What will it take to keep Corino down.

Corino is back up and blocks the rolling suplex and hits a Sister Abigail move for the 2 count, he tries to get up but falls down, the ref has seen enough and ends the match, much to the displeasure of the crowd.


Winner and New WAW World Champion-Doug Williams.


Great show as always by the WAW, back again in June for the annual Royal Rumble.

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