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There's quite a few websites out there. So many get loads of attention, but there's a few sites I like that I'm amazed aren't more famous than they are.


My current favourite news site is Quartz. Really sharp writing, interesting policitcal and business angle - often with a tech slant - and a quite nerdy obsession with charts. Beautiful layout and design too.


Den of Geek is an averagely written pop-culture / scifi news & review site, but they're really comprehensive and have the odd running column that I love. I'm particularly enjoying the retread of TNG at the moment.


I heard about Oglaf through Jackie Kashian's podcast. It's an extremely rude, incredibly NSFW webcomic that's both very funny and well drawn. Check it out.


What's your "undiscovered" Internet gold?


NB. I'm open to the possibility that some of these are extremely pedestrian, overexposed sites that I just don't hear people in my circles talk about. You get the idea though.

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