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RevProUK: Enter The Dragon, Sunday October 27th, Sittingbourne


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I'm not at this, which does mean I can scavenge Twitter for news and results.


Josh Bodom was the fake Ligero, and was disqualified leading to a victory for the real Ligero.


Gideon Grey's open challenge was answered by GRADO - but Grey picked up the win using his cane.


Ricochet pinned Will Ospreay after busting out the Double Rotation Moonsault (!)


Ultimo Dragon won the four way match. Not sure who he beat.


Marty Scurll made Noam Dar tap to the cross face chicken wing after using the referee as a distraction.


Colt Cabana retains the RPW Heavyweight Title over Rampage Brown with a GTS following botched interference from Andy Boy Simmonz. Marty Scurll came out afterwards and challenged Cabana for a future title match.


Next show in Sittingbourne is Christmas Cracker on December 8, while Ricochet was announced for March 15th at York Hall.

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