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Lucha DVDS?


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Slim pickings for NEW lucha over here, been trying to be very careful these days as there's a lot of poor YouTube conversions floating around that really shouldn't be on disc. I do however have the 2010 AAA year, most TripleManias except the most recent one, and some assorted TV & supercards.


I do have some 2013 CMLL TV but I believe it got pulled from DirectTV as my source wasn't able to continue recording it.











Since the 2010 AAA season isn't fully available on the digital store, here it is in the DVD shop.



Hope this helps, feel free to shoot me an email or PM with any questions.

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Your site seemed really good but it's expensive shipping wise so I'm out. Sorry.



If you have a decent internet connection, i would give the digital site a go. Half the price and you're gettign exactly the same thing in digital form. Everything on the digital site is in ISO format, so it's easily burned to disc and is exactly the same quality as the hard copy discs.

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Sorry, somehow missed this. Must have replied before I changed my settings to send me email notifications. :)


Yep, this is the unfortunate side effect of me being a US based provider posting on a UK board, shipping's gone up for everyone everywhere. But as truthofsin said, digital site works in a pinch providing you have a solid connection. Great way to not only bypass shipping completely but in effect get everything for half the price ($1.49 each versus 2.99).


If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM, an email, etc. I'm always around.

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I'll check it out again. Is there many sales on for your digital stores and where do you get your videos from? You mentioned youtube which im not keen on. Can rip and burn those myself thanks.


I'm good friends with RudoReels and can vouch that NONE of his footage is from YouTube or sourced via downloads. The ISOs he sells are made from straight to DVD recordings, or VHS to DVD conversions in the case of older footage. In the case of the 2013 CMLL TV he has on offer, this was being taped weekly straight to DVD. The YouTube mention was more in regards to there being so many poor copies of shows flying around at the moment due to a lot of people converting poor quality YouTube streams to DVD and thinking it's fine to introduce those in to the trading community. Hope that helps :-)

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I've got 99 sources but a YouTube ain't one.


OK- corny. But true. As Truthofsin said, the point of me mentioning YouTube earlier was to point out that I avoid that at all costs and hate that people put it on disc. I would rather lag behind in finding the stuff than carrying it in that quality. Even if it "doesn't look that bad" or--and this one's a stretch--"looks good" there's no excuse.



If I do have anything sourced from a 'download' (the word download describes the delivery method, not the quality, by the way) it's against my knowledge or stated on the listing. I do have an NJPW iPPV or two like that, only because there was no other source at the time. As for the Jan 4 2013 NJPW show I'll likely still offer the iPPV version as I don't think the commercial master will have the dark match. But the point is I try to state it if that's the case.


I don't usually run sales since they're already 50% off and $1.50 is pretty reasonable as it is, I think. I am running a 10% off sale briefly, see this thread for more info:


Note that a sale on the digital site is a rare thing. :)

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